Asked on Jun 19, 2017

How to get rustic wood plank wall cheap?

by Bca8427241
We want a wood plank wall as our accent wall in our master but am not sure the best way to go about it that will fit in our budget and still look nice. Shiplap, barn wood, treated lumber that is distressed; we have looked into it all and not sure how to get the best bang for our buck.
This is the look we want. Not our Photo.
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  • Nancy Eaton McEwen Nancy Eaton McEwen on Jun 19, 2017

    Do it yourself. Pallet wood is cheap and you can get pallets in all different shades. Just lightly sand and cut to fit. My friend did this and used a light polyurethane afterwards.

  • Tina Tina on Jun 19, 2017

    We did this in our living room at our lake house with some really old pallets that had been dismantled and stored in my brother in law's shop. My husband ran them through the planer, slightly route the edges and then put polyurethane on them before covering the wall. It looks AMAZING! I really had my doubts when I first looked at the wood that my husband brought home, but after he worked his magic......brilliance! Try it, you won't be sorry and you can get free pallets almost anywhere.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 19, 2017

  • Nancy Bogart Nancy Bogart on Jun 19, 2017

    Pallett wood is a good and cheap way to go. You will need to first install a backer board attached to the wall studs over your existing drywall. You can whitewash the lightly sanded boards with a variety distressed color paints prior to installation using nail gun. I agree with the first reply in that you will need a polyurethane sealer when you are finished. Also, be sure you are 100% sold on this design. Removal would be a monster project!

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 19, 2017

    Pallet wood is for sure the way to go!

  • Adam Eng Adam Eng on Jun 20, 2017

    find a place giving away free pallets

  • DarWat DarWat on Jun 22, 2017

    You can also use used fencing. Check with people who are fencing, most will give them to you to haul away. SanSand the and stain to get the look you want.

  • Sharron Christie Sharron Christie on Jun 22, 2017

    We are currently doing something similar in our master bedroom but with shiplap as you suggested. Google shiplap walls for a tutorial on faux shiplap that you might like. Using 1/4 or 7/32 underlayment available at Home Depot for $12 a sheet makes it very affordable. Have them cut the number of sheets you need in 6-inch strips and nail them to the wall at the studs starting at the ceiling. Use a popsicle stick or nickel as a spacer between the pieces. I would suggest painting your wall white first. Hope this helps. Good luck with your project!