Upstairs bedroom to craft room

My kids are gone and I would like to create a craft area in one of the upstair bedrooms. This is an old farmhouse structure and the upstairs is colder in winter, warmer in summer than the main floor. The question: there is carpet covering hardwood floors, should I remove the carpet, noise reducer, warmer, to hardwood to help with the cleaning?
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  • Debbie Cannon Debbie Cannon on Jan 18, 2015
    you probably wont make much mess but you could always remove the carpet and replace with a large rug that can be folded back if need be...hope this helps...enjoy your crafting

  • Nancy Culhane Hoag Nancy Culhane Hoag on Jan 18, 2015
    Sounds like your going to have lots of space! Hardwood floors will help with the clean up. What kind of crafts do you do? If it's sewing, picking up pins that have dropped on the carpet, and than later you step on them, not knowing they are there (ouch) as you can tell been there and have done that. If you paint, hardwood floors are easier to clean than trying to get a stain out of the carpet, the list goes on... If you feel chilled, you can alway buy a space heater to keep it warmer while your up there. Have fun with your new room. It will be fun to decorate it, but most of all to create in your own specal space!!!!

  • Lorraine V Lorraine V on Jan 18, 2015
    I made over my smallest bedroom into a craft room. love having it!

  • Karman Warner Karman Warner on Jan 19, 2015
    My mom use to use a large bar magnet to pull pins from the carpet in her craft room. She would vacuum, run the bar magnet over the carpet and vacuum again. Also, she never went into her sewing room without shoes--it was a "rule of the house". Another thing she did was have a 1/2 inch limp on her craft table to lessen the risk of pins and needles falling to the carpet. I wish you luck and look forward to pictures of your new craft room.

  • Dee Ann Dee Ann on Jan 19, 2015
    I had a vinyl floor product installed in my craft room that looks like hardwood.... kind of a driftwood gray color. I knew I didn't want carpet, but I also didn't want to spill something on expensive hardwood floors. And I have a craft/office chair on wheels and didn't want to dent hardwood floors..... this is the perfect solution. I love the floors! I did buy a 5' x 8' rug to bring more warmth and color into the room.... love how it turned out!