Asked on Oct 01, 2015

Closet doors for 95" tall opening

by Andrew
Hello everyone,
I'm looking to update my closet doors to be bifold wooden doors, but strangely the opening of my closet measures to be 95" tall, and the current doors are about 94" tall. I was wondering if it's feasible to get 96" doors such as this one
and cut 1" - 2" off? Or am I limited to getting it custom ordered?
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  • Z Z on Oct 01, 2015
    HoDe carries 96 inch bifold doors, but it doesn't appear there's enough room to cut anything off and still hold itself together. What do the current doors look like? How were they attached? It appears that's a track on the floor, but nothing above.
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    • Z Z on Oct 02, 2015
      @Andrew Ah.... I see it on the top shelf now I believe. I like Tell's idea, but it would be simpler to just build it using two by fours covered with drywall, mud and paint it to match the rest of the walls. Most closets I've seen are built that way. It's not always easy to place or remove things on the top shelf, but it would be the easiest way to find doors to fit, as you'd build around the door size instead of searching for a door to fit.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 01, 2015
    There maybe other options available for you. My suggestion would be to see a pro desk associate at the home depot who should be well qualified to answer your question.
  • Moxie Moxie on Oct 01, 2015
    If you are handy; make your own doors and just buy the bi-fold door kit hardware -- some of the barn door type posting have links to how to make doors; louvered custom size doors will be $$$$...nice closet btw : )
  • Tell Tell on Oct 01, 2015
    Is it possible to add a decorative architrave to the top or bottom or have I read the question wrong.
    • Andrew Andrew on Oct 02, 2015
      @Tell Possibly. I don't know how do that myself. Any tips?
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 02, 2015
    If I were putting up almost any door right now, I would look to "Barn Door" style! All you need to do is have a little clearance behind the furniture on that a chest, chair, etc. I love the barn door effect!
  • Lauren365 Lauren365 on Oct 02, 2015
    You should be able to trim those doors. Take t off the top, not the bottom. You might need to glue and clamp the doors afterwards, but it should totally work. I have bifold doors too, but my opening was only 5' tall, so I had to cut down and re-glue. Take your time and be patient - you can make this work!!!
  • Trish Cleveland Trish Cleveland on Oct 02, 2015
    Have you included the tracks that will be at the top and bottom of the opening when you did the calculating?
  • Mary Mary on Oct 02, 2015
    I had the same situation. First time around I ordered custom doors. Second time (next closet) I had the opening framed down to regular door height.
  • Ellen DeVilbiss Ellen DeVilbiss on Oct 02, 2015
    Yes you can trim the doors. But remember to allow for clearance of the carpeting/additional floor covering and top track. There also might be pr drilled holes in the top and bottom corners so be sure to measure their diameter so you can put them back. Most doors are made to trim from the bottom to get clearance over the floor covering if needed.
  • Denise Kuritz Denise Kuritz on Oct 02, 2015
    You can install a curtain rod from side to side that screws into the stud or you might have to secure with a 1 by 4 for extra strength, paint to match. Use a nice curtain with grommets so that you can cover your closet items. Looks elegant. Indoor, outdoor curtains work well if it's near the bathroom or kitchen they are heavier and mold and mildew resistant, come in an array of colors, patterns.
  • Joe Howell Joe Howell on Oct 02, 2015
    Add a 1x4 to the top before installing track. You can cover the joint with casing.
  • Penny Stinson Penny Stinson on Oct 02, 2015
    You can cut them down yourself providing you have enough frame around them. May need to take some off the top and the bottom to make it look right.
  • Renata Renata on Oct 02, 2015
    I have that same situation and I have chosen to glue a piece onto the bottom since the price of getting the custom doors are way outta my price range.
  • Barbara Chase Barbara Chase on Oct 02, 2015
    If you can't find doors tall enough try using shutters fastened together
  • Tina Tina on Oct 02, 2015
    I was going to suggest the same thing as Joe Howell. Add a 1x3" painted board from the ceiling (the width of your opening) to look like a finished piece of moulding. It will look clean and you won't notice a gap between the doors and the ceiling.
  • Julie Hoffman Julie Hoffman on Oct 02, 2015
    What about drapes instead. IKEA has lots is choices in long lengths. Or you could use paint drop cloths.
  • Anne fenske Anne fenske on Oct 07, 2015
    I would use the upper part for reed baskets for stuff, re: hats, purses, cameras, sandals, or summer stuff. Then make your doors fit the rest of the opening. Use nice trim all around whole closet. Or do doors on top half and doors on bottom half. The trim will make it happen and no one will see the stuff uptop, that doesn't get used as often.Louvered doors are best as clothes need to breath; clothes last longer that way. Good luck.
  • Grace Grieco Grace Grieco on Oct 07, 2015
    I had the same problem. I didn't want to spend the extra 300. for custom length, I purchased 84 inches in length, for 120.I built a frame out of 2x4 and secured it to the top opening of my closet, then covered the front of the frame with a piece of light weight wood.Home Depot cut the pieces for me. I painted the frame same colour as my wall.
  • Put a trim on the top to make up for th space differance!
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Oct 20, 2015
    We have trim at the top of ours. You have to remember too that if you get a thicker carpet anytime, they won't open over it! We were fortunate when we put our new carpet in that ours don't touch the carpet. Whew!
  • Beverly Beverly on Jan 13, 2018

    ok I'm trying to make a shelf in my closet