How do I drill a hole in 3/16" raw metal?


I have an electric drill. What kind of bit do I need? How hard is this really going to be? Any tips or tricks? From what I have read, this is going to be very difficult.

q how do i drill a hole in 3 16 raw metal
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  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Mar 07, 2019

    Hardware stores sell special drill bits just for this!

  • William William on Mar 07, 2019

    You can use a high speed steel drill bit or a titanium coated drill bit. The steel dril bit will do the job but it will take time. The titanium coated bit is gold in color and will do a quick job. Apply equal pressure and let the bit do the work. To much pressure and you can burn the bit and render it useless.

    • Columbia GB Columbia GB on Mar 09, 2019

      I marked this question as resolved, but it appears that function is not working. I ended up taking the pieces to a shop and had them drill the holes for me. However, I will keep in mind the titanium drill bit as they seem cheaper then others. Still sounds like a royal pain, though...

  • Seth Seth on Mar 07, 2019

    Secure it in a vice if you have one or clamp it to piece of wood. It will make the drilling easier.

    • Columbia GB Columbia GB on Mar 09, 2019

      Yes, this is similar to what I was thinking. Screw it to a piece of wood, clamp the wood to the bench, etc. I ended up bailing on this and outsourced it. I also marked this question as resolved so nobody's time would be wasted. However, that function doesn't appear to working.

  • Columbia GB Columbia GB on Mar 09, 2019

    Thanks to all for your kind assistance!