How can I build a medicine cabinet between studs & flush w/ the door?

by Martha

We’re downsizing and new house has NO linen closets or pantry just a closet in short hallway. Also, husband and I being seniors need medicine cabinet. I’m thinking about building a cabinet between studs in one bathroom there’s a short blank space behind door. It would be perfect if we can use a type of hinge that doesn’t show and recess door so it will be flush with wall , pretty much so I hope. I know in my head what I need for it to be like but hubs tells me I’m a carpenters nightmare, guess I inherited that from my late father he always worked things out in his head first. Has anyone built a storage space between studs and built so door will be flush with wall. I have a very large photo that I had blown up and put in poster frame, it will cover door. I have it in bathroom now.

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