Asked on May 31, 2018

What are the measurements for twin bed slats

  5 answers
  • Dfm Dfm on May 31, 2018

    Bed sizes have changed over thr years as people have gotten heftier. The boards are 4 inches wide, and cut to fit the width. If a heftier person is using the bed, I got 6 inch wide boards.

  • Susan Susan on May 31, 2018

    Measure the Metal frame and cut the wooden slat 1/4 inch shorter then the frame. The slat needs to sit flush up against the frame. Cut 4 slats to support the box spring & mattres.

  • Sharon Sharon on May 31, 2018

    I would use 8 slats cut to fit between the 2 sides of the metal frame. 4" x 3/4" or 1/2"

  • Shortcake Shortcake on May 31, 2018

    Hi Debroah, The different size of your mattress and bed frame requires slats to be different lengths. a twin bed, the smallest measures 38 inches across, leaving about 1/2 inch on each side of the slat to allow it to fit in frame, opposed to being on top of it, cut slates to 37 inches. I hope this is some help.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Dec 08, 2023

    Measure from side to side for your particular bed and then cut 1/4"-1/2" less than that measurement.