How can I go about Attaching a pergola?

My husband built a beautiful covered pergola on the screened porch to increase outdoor living space. However, it's not connected to the house and I dislike our temporary (7 years!) solution. Any ideas to make this look like a more integrated part of our home? Or just more modern/contemporary than the curtain, which helps to block rain and the view of the perg roof. I've included one pic with it closed and one with it open so you can better see the construction. TIA!
q attaching a pergola
q attaching a pergola
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  • This is built in the screened in porch and is free standing? How do you access from the house? Can you post pictures of that?

    Honestly I am a bit befuddled why you built a pergola inside an enclosed space? Am I missing something?

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    • Ok, understand that you like the look of the pergols, but do not understand why or how building a pergola in an already enclosed space adds to your outside entertaining? Is the pergola inside and built through the screened porch to the outside?

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on May 01, 2017
    I take it you like the pergola look, I do but didn't want it too far from the house and more useful that way for your family. Have you tried putting something decorative there like perhaps plexiglass with say a leaf pattern on it or flowers something of that mode.

  • Brian Heltsley Brian Heltsley on May 01, 2017
    Don't forget to check with the city. A permit might still be needed when attaching something of that size to your house, even if it is under a screened porch.

  • Melissa Melissa on May 01, 2017
    I do agree that you should find out from your city whether you need a permit or not should you attach it to your house. Is the galvanized roofing able to be bent upwards in order to then secure it to the house? While I understand you desire to gain outdoor-ish living space, why not opt for a sun room instead. There are kits available for that, and i am pretty sure you would need a permit for that. You could also hang curtains on the sides in order to create a bit more privacy,but if you are actually looking to increase your functional living space, you might want to consult an architect and get the architect's advice.