Asked on Feb 01, 2019

How can I create a one or two car parking space in my yard for cheap?

Jaime Sloan
by Jaime Sloan

We have a small lake house and the water runs across our short driveway area( which isnt paved) and floods the parking area. So not only does it make a mess tracking in sand and dirt both in car and house, its a muddy disaster when it rains and we have even had our new car get stuck recently due to the excess rain this past season.

This angle is from paved part of driveway,which we share with other lake houses. So ours just branches off into a gravel turned dirt turned muddy mess. And I d like to fix water runoff to go past our yard and then turn somewhere between our neigjbors house and then make a little raised or parking area that is affordable and easy to do/maintain ourselves.

This is what I'm dealing with on a dry day...

This little house will be cute when fixed up though. Esp with some landscape and curb appeal. Definitely adding window boxes and some woodwork detailing under the eves to give it a cottage feel. So with that style in mind, I need ideas of how to solve my delimma and keep the rustic cottage feel,yet make it simple and clean...

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