How to put up a fence that is not permanent? I can not put in posts

Looking for privacy. I wasn't sure if you could attach fence pieces to either benches or planter boxes and they would hold the weight. Then I could line them up down the property line and close off the end with a gate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Your idea will certainly work. How hard does the wind blow? How long is your run? Know the direction it blows from, it will make a difference when using above ground fence post fixtures. Space your fence posts or use a lattice that the wind can blow through rather than knock over. Another option is to set your fence posts in 5 gallon buckets of cement. Drill holes at the cement line for drainage.

  • Sdi33381102 Sdi33381102 on Jul 17, 2018

    Try placing 2 inch or bigger PVC pipe in the cement buckets and use plain shower curtains as the privacy fence. You can purchase non transparent fabric curtains at a dollar store. Some curtains are heavier and can with stand the wind. Put eyelets down the sides to attach rings to upright PVC pipe and connect a PVC Pipe across the top. You can take it apart and use again.