Looking for ideas on building privacy walll on back deck...

Pitched metal roof...its about 7 feet at its highest point...6feet at its lowest...9 1/2 feet wide...low cost and easy to do...please
q looking for ideas on building privacy walll on back deck
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  • Essie Essie on Mar 30, 2018
    Have you thought of curtains? You can make them with canvas drop cloths like this:

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    • Pam Payne Pam Payne on Mar 31, 2018
      We used conduit to make a 14' curtain rod. Has never sagged. We spray painted it with hammered brass paint and it looks great. Get your drop cloths at Harbor Freight. Cheapest around and good quality. You can also dye them or paint or stencil a design on them.

  • Jan Jan on Mar 31, 2018
    Make your frame & use the resin lattice, very pretty when done.

  • Msc12149616 Msc12149616 on Mar 31, 2018
    I used lattice and framed it. See pix.

  • Tim10949684 Tim10949684 on Mar 31, 2018
    A 2×4 frame with old barn tin will last along time and maintenance free will give rustic look, or you can paint it any color.

  • Jean Jean on Mar 31, 2018
    I made a frame of 1 by 5 the size of the opening with a cross brace at chair back height. I bought sun filter fabric in beige online...it was less expensive than anything else I had looked at. I stapled the fabric on both sides. Keeps the sun out yet lets some of the breeze though. Makes a nice background for my porch furniture. Been up nearly 3 years and looks new. Enjoy.

  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Mar 31, 2018
    There are a lot of ideas today... but consider your lighting and how much privacy you actually want. Sometimes we forget about these and get carried away and have a dark space. Planting are also nice to use for privacy, just make sure they are not invasive, if they are pot them up so they can't spread to where ever they want. If your going to grill you want to make sure you have air flow I have burnt many things and glad I had an open space for it to blow away, it did get in the house once, smelled for days. I'm just saying anything can happen. If you have pets looking at the bowls I would make sure they get a nice cozy corner to lay in, both out of the way and out of the wind and elements.

  • Banjojane66 Banjojane66 on Mar 31, 2018
    Fabric shower curtains make great dividers and don't cost much. Hope this helps!!

  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Apr 01, 2018
    I made a 24 ft x 18 ft patio out of conduit & I used plastic lattice with zip ties. & it was up for over 10 yrs until we moved & I used it again & moved again & used again. Or you can take the cloth like screen to hang up & use eyelets with medal show curtain hooks on conduit as curtain rod. It will keep sun out but air can go threw & you can't see threw it very good. Good luck.

  • Joan Stanley Joan Stanley on Apr 01, 2018
    I needed shade on the west side of the patio but that's where most of the wind comes from. So I used cement post holders on the patio to support 4x4 posts, and 1x6 boards set at an angle for the wall. It lets in light and air but keeps the Texas sun and heat at bay. Privacy is a perk.

  • Who28586475 Who28586475 on Apr 01, 2018
    If you have a low semi open fence you can weave fabric between the uprights. Can't remember which mail order catalog I saw it in.