Need ideas for outdoor covering

I have an outdoor storage space under my deck which is open in the front. I'm looking for a weatherproof covering - have been checking outdoor roll up blinds, shutters, fabric, etc - but nothing in my price range - and size is irregular,
71 1/2" w x 39" h at outermost points (although I could use something 68"w x 32"h if I installed it in the inner area. Any inexpensive ideas that would look halfway decent ?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 11, 2016
    I would purchase an outdoor table cloth and adhere to the area.

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jul 12, 2016
    There are a couple wooden blinds companies on the internet. I ordered waterproof 'fake wood' blinds for apt, you would never have known the difference. Very cheap, custom sized, choice of finishes, delivered in a week.

  • Ken Ken on Jul 12, 2016
    use a tension pole on the inside top with a shorten shower curtan you could also add some kind of hook at each bottom corner to keep it down on windy days

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    • Sarah Ketcher Sarah Ketcher on Dec 30, 2020

      You can always use the heavy-duty scotch guard made for ice, snow, heavy rains ext that even comes with one for outdoor products that you can't store. Just a thought.

  • Dona Dona on Jul 12, 2016
    How about trying corregated sheet metal in a frame, and screwing it to the front for the winter months, or putting it on a hinge. You would need to trim off part of the shelf to make it flush, but access would be easier and a clasp hook to keep it closed.

  • Jane Thoele Jane Thoele on Jul 12, 2016
    I had the same problem. my neighbor suggested lattice made of plastic (sold at Lowes). it can be cut to size easily with a saw.

  • Barbara Barbara on Jul 13, 2016
    We put up plastic or vinyl lattice in white to match the trim on our out door shed. It looks attractive, keep small animals (squirrels and cats) out and is easily removed if we need something stored t here. You might want to line it with a heavy duty plastic drop cloth for the winter months. We live in So CA, so snow isn't an issue for us.

  • Mic2280983 Mic2280983 on Jul 13, 2016

  • ObiaMan ObiaMan on Jul 13, 2016
    I used a product I bought from Lowe's called Ondura. It's a corrugated asphalt based roofing material. It comes in about 6 different colors, is 6'6" long and 4'4" wide and is very easy to cut. You can make it flush with uneven ground. It bends very easily, so you could just screw it on the sides like French doors and use a latch to keep it shut. I used this under my above ground pool deck. You really should check it out. I'm have extra and am going to help my brother close in around the bottom of his house that's a couple of feet off the ground..

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    • Sarah Ketcher Sarah Ketcher on Dec 30, 2020

      How much does this usually cost? The sides and back part are on pier and beam and we had to rip out the rusted ripped metal that was used along the bottom. It's so humid here that I worry lattice is our only choice.

  • Karen Strayer Karen Strayer on Jul 15, 2016
    I am not sure if you can get pressure rods to fit but an idea is to use a shower curtain rods to fit the width and hang two plastic shower curtains with velcro across the top to fasten it to itself so it will slide to the sides. Fasten it securely to the sides and use some kind of a grommet eye and hook down the center for easy access by unlatching and sliding the curtain out of the way. You can glue some type of small objects inside the bottom edge for weights to keep it from blowing .

  • Coolfurniturelady Coolfurniturelady on Jul 16, 2016
    I used a black vinyl coated mesh I bought on ebay. It is 60" wide and I installed it by wrapping the ends around strips of lath and stapling (or screwing) to the wooden framing of the deck. I had six irregular openings and 5 yards was enough. The first panels lasted 20 years and just started tear away at the edges, so I'm in the process of replacing them. Less than $50 for the whole thing

  • Judith Mantos Judith Mantos on Jul 17, 2016
    I keep visualizing short sliding "barn door" type covering...easy access too

  • Sarah Ketcher Sarah Ketcher on Dec 30, 2020

    I am in kind of the same boat but with my only covered little porch that is only about 6 feet wide and extends off the house front covering the door and has only of those brick planters that are about 3 feet tall but everything gets soaked from the front and right side when it rains. Let me see if I can get a picture. please excuse the mess but if I could figure out a solution that you as well could use that would be perfect. My husband is a contractor and even though this is a rental we live in SETX and it rains all the time. Yours is smaller so I'm thinking you could just use the screw hooks like for mugs but bigger and buy a dowel rod very cheap in the craft section at Walmart and just attach whatever textile I would do some indoor outdoor fabric personally and either do cafe type and have magnets along the middle or just a cute couple sets of ribbons and use magnets along the bottom. Or you could use it as a roll-up type shade. I am going to make a help post as well on ideas for what it does concerning the cheapest but the best solution for the front because this setup is a complete nightmare. Please stay in touch and I will let you know what else we can come up with. Thanks, everyone! All of Yall's ideas and suggestions are brilliant and went straight into my Keep notebook!