Hi all, Will running the metal dryer vent pipe under my hardwood floor cause any issues?

Jeffrey D
by Jeffrey D
My dryer is on the east side of my house and I have to run the long metal pipe out towards the west side. It is about 25 feet. Do you see any issues with this? It will run right underneath my hardwood kitchen floor which doubles as my basement ceiling. We want to keep it up on the ceiling in case we decide to finish the basement one day. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jul 02, 2012
    If the vent pipe is built and installed correctly, it should be OK. make sure to use rigid aluminum or galvanized steel duct, and wrap all joints tightly with foil tape (not duct tape, ironically). If the basement is unfinished and unheated, also consider putting insulation around the duct to avoid problems.

  • You will want to insulate the pipe no matter where you are...the hot dryer air will cause condensation to "sweat" around the pipe which can lead to rot, mold and other issues. If it has to run against a wood floor, I would prefer to take it up through the wall and out the attic. Also, the shorter the run....the better. It's probably a lot more work...but it usually is to do it right the first time. HandyANDY gets alot of calls to rework plumbing and laundry rooms. In our market, we now have alot of contractors who used to build new construction trying to survive by being "handymen." Very scary some of what we see now.

  • I would use ABS plastic pipe for this length. PVC should not be used. Do not screw what ever it is you decide to use. Only tape or in the ABS pipe you can use glue. Just be sure to install a clean out Y fitting somewhere where you can run a air hose or vacuum down the pipe. Also Handy is right on about insulation if the pipe is located in a cooler environment where it can condense not only on the outside causing mold and damage, but inside also as the air cools down on way out the moisture condenses and turns to water in the pipe which will cause the lint to stick. The last concern I have is the length of the pipe. Check with dryer install about max length. Each 90 degree turn can in effect add around six feet of length to the overall run size. So if your turning down then across your 25 foot run is now 32 feet overall. Not suggested for safe and efficient operation of the dryer.