better smelling window AC unit wanted

Kelly O
by Kelly O
HOW can i get the stale smell/cigarette smell out of window AC units? we run two of them in our home and i would love to learn how to clean them out periodically. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jul 03, 2012
    Have you cleaned or replaced the air filters?
    • Jay Taylor Jay Taylor on Jul 20, 2014
      @ Of course, I keep the filter clean regularly. Maybe you will sleep better, with the filter & fins clean and spraying the fins with disinfectant. Spray directly into the area where the cool air blows out of the air conditioner then you will not smell all that stuff blowing back into your place.
  • The odor is in the nicotine that has got past the air filters and stuck to the coils in the evaporator side of the unit. There is only two methods to fix this, well really three. You need to have the coils professionally cleaned. You can use Ozone to remove the smell, again it is a professional type of project, Or change filters and keep spraying air freshener and quit smoking. If you do not quit, purchase charcoal filters that will help absorb the nicotine smell. But they will need to be changed every week or so.
  • MARY T MARY T on Jul 04, 2012
    I am kind of curious: we clean our filter regularly. After a while, there is a strong odor of something that smells like vinegar, which we only use water to clean it with. Any thoughts?
  • Kelly O Kelly O on Jul 04, 2012
    we do clean the air filters regularly. what is Ozone? and thank ya!
  • Kelly Ozone is generated by electrical discharge. Remember the fresh smell after a thunderstorm? That smell comes from the Ozone generated by the high voltage from the lightening bolt. here is a web link from a manufacture of a ozone machine. Not one I would recommend as there are many other types that are in my opinion better, but their explanation of the unit and what it does is pretty good.