Black bits from my washing machine on my clothes how do I get rid of?

Marshall dawson
by Marshall dawson
Even after using a washing machine cleaner and descaler these bits disappear but then return after a few washes please help

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  • That does not sound good at all! How old is your machine? Might be time to call in the pros to diagnose, I just can't imagine why that would be happening.

  • L.g24855285 L.g24855285 on Aug 26, 2017

    Probably mold. Leave the washer door open and also the soap dispenser open.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 26, 2017

    Sounds like time for the repair man.

  • Kathleen Finan Kathleen Finan on Aug 26, 2017

    always leave your washer lid open, Because if you close it it will get mold. Try running an empty wash with just baking soda in it. That should help you. Do that every so often. Maybe once every 6 wks or so. But leave lid open

  • Merinda Townsend Merinda Townsend on Aug 26, 2017

    Do you have a filter screen on each of the water hoses that flow into your washer?

  • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Aug 26, 2017

    First thing I'd check on is what the black bits are. Do they mush when touched like mold would. Are they hard like plastic or rubber? If it's hard or rubbery you need to find out where it's coming from. It could be old tubing, pieces of pump or what not. If you're a DIY you could look up the manual on line for your model and see if there is something in your washer that might rub or grind. The agitator would be my first thought although ours would be white. Good luck

  • Marshall dawson Marshall dawson on Aug 28, 2017

    Thanks for the suggestions will try the baking soda , already leave the soap /detergent drawer and drawer open ( learnt that one of my mum many years back lol ) and the machine is only 8 months old and yes it has water screen filters on the pipe going into the machine but also have have a water softener and filter on our water system for the whole house so thanks for the tips anyway folks