Asked on Jul 04, 2018

Ceramic Stove Top Discoloration- what to do?

by Mitchel


my wife and I bought our first house about 6 months ago.

All of the appliances were brand new. Shortly after we moved in (maybe 2 months) our stove top starting discolorig.

We‘ve tried all kinds of cleaner and razors. The top is smooth and you can’t feel anything on the spots.

We have a home warranty, but doubt they will cover any kind of cosmetic repairs.

Best stove cleaner!

Get hard stains off your stove with Cerama Bryte cleaner that Amazon reviewers swear by!

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  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 04, 2018

    Looks like you've had pots boiling over and you have hard water, I would try some lime deposit remover like CLR on a rag and let it sit on there, and then use a plastic round scrubby. Then when cooking, turn down the heat so your pots don't boil over. Otherwise I would contact the manufacturer customer service line and ask why this is happening.

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    • Jacqueline Jacqueline on Sep 30, 2020

      The photo you posted is much like what my front burners look like. The spots are under the glass and can't be polished out - because they are not on top. They almost look like something got under the glass and spread with heat. I've tried pretty much everything out there, but since it is under it won't clear up.

  • Harris S. Harris S. on Jul 04, 2018

    Try using CERAMA BRYTE burnt on grease remover or CREAMA BRYTE cooktop cleaner. Do not use steel wool. Some day you will hate your cooktop as much as we do.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jul 05, 2018

    If the appliance was brand new when you moved in, then it should have come with an instruction pamphlet. What did it suggest as far as cleaners to use on the stove? What is the brand? Usually in the pamphlet there is a contact phone number or email address where owners can contact with questions about their appliance.

    No, I have never heard of a New Home Warranty covering problems with appliances. They should be covered by their own policy. However, as you said, this problem does not affect the functioning of the cooktop, only the appearance. Nevertheless, you should try to contact the appliance customer service.

  • Bea Sanchez Bea Sanchez on Jul 05, 2018

    My stove came with

    a sample size cleaner (Cerama Bryte) which you can get reasonably prized

    on amazon. You apply it on, I use a paper towel, and then a clean one to wipe it

    off. Sometimes I get little burned bumps on it and those you have to scrape with a hard plastic edge scraper. Amazon sells it if you buy the whole kit. What I read is if you use this product regularly when you cook it will make the stove top more resistant to this problem. I use it after cooking if I get boil overs or splatters and it works good and keeps my stove top looking nice. Just alittle more hassle. I’d never recommend this type of stove to my single son. Lol!

  • Rom14095132 Rom14095132 on Jul 05, 2018

    I use Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty cleaner & Polish. Applied with a paper towel across the surface, allowed to dry for a minute. Using paper towel the product is removed and the top is like new. Heavy stains from boil overs are removed with a razor blade scraper. The stove top is an Amana around 20 years old and still looks nice....

  • Sauve Sauve on Jul 05, 2018

    I use a product like Cerama Bryte and micro-fiber clothes. We moved into an apartment several years ago and the stove looked like that. I, too, tried everything I could think of, like you have, and nothing worked. I even had a can of Barkeeper's friend sent to me from the states. Then a repair man (for our refrigeration unit) told me about VITROCLEN while my father-in-law suggested I use only mirco-fiber clothes. I don't remember exactly how many times it took to restore the surface back to perfection (it did have a couple of long small scratches in the end but we couldn't see them with all the crude caked on). VITROCLEN is a thick liquid with a sort of sandy texture. I painted it on thinly with a paper paste brush used to apply paste to the wall for paper. I would then allow the product to react to the surface for about 30 minutes and then wipe it off with a dry soft old t-shirt rag. I didn't scrubb at all for the first few times. I just wiped it away and then made sure that the product was cleared of with a damp micro-fiber and dried with a dry micro-fiber cloth. I used a wooden tooth pick to test the surface after every treatment to see how well it was working. I'm pretty sure that after the 3rd or 4th time I was putting it on, allowing it to work for about 15 minutes and then making circles rotating across the surface by hand with a dry micro-fiber cloth. The same way a person applies paste wax to a car. Without any laborious effort the surface was restored. I have been using VITROCLEN for 15 years now. I use it every time I cook which is nearly 6 meals every weekend and one every weeknight. I now use paper towels and a small dab about the size of a quart. The cooktop we bought 5 years ago still looks brand new. If you use only the product to clean your cooktop it will resist stains. I also use it in the ovens and glass oven doors, on the grilling racks, the stainless steel exterior grill, the interior and door of the microwave, and the stainless steel kitchen sink as well as the ceramic sinks in the rest of the house. Good luck!

  • Loo7523781 Loo7523781 on Jul 05, 2018

    Bartenders Friend. So far it’s the best thing I have found Happy Cleaning!

  • ImStillaYankee ImStillaYankee on Oct 28, 2018

    Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner is an absolute must if you have 1 of these cooktops. They sell a thick cream for heavy stains & spills & not long ago came out with a wonderful spray that I use on a daily basis that takes care of all but any crusted spills. I use a microfiber cloth & rub it briskly then flip the cloth over to the dry side & buff until like new again. Once a week or 2 I’ll use the cream (only with paper towels). My beautiful LG induction range is now a year old & even with all the cooking I do it still looks brand new.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jun 23, 2021

    I concur with all the Weiman fans. It's the only thing I've found that works.

  • Annie Annie on Jun 24, 2021

    We have the same issue but use the cooktop cleaner recommended in our stove manual. Hopefully they have a recommendation in there for you to use

  • Doug Doug on Jul 25, 2021

    Old thread/question but this may help someone. I had a very similar issue after forgetting about my boiling eggs.... Yikes! Luckily stove shut itself off. Figured I had ruined stove top! It left marks just like that. I thought either got way too hot or, burned in water stain. I tried a number of things no luck. Then I used an RV oxidation remover, took it all off straight away, no effort. No damage to glass top. Give it a shot.