How can I remove SERIOUSLY burnt on food from Stainless Steel cooktop


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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 02, 2018
    Hi Miccac,
    Start with a cloth over the stain then pour on some boiling water. Let that steam for 5-10 mins and gently rub it off following the grain of the stainless steel to avoid scratches. You can repeat this more than once. There are 2 more options from the website listed below. Once is using vinegar to soak the food and the other is using baking soda and vinegar. Click on the link to read the method. Wishing you the best.

  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Jun 02, 2018
    Scrape as much as possible off. Apply a paste of cleanser and place a wet cloth on top, let sit a few minutes and wipe off. Repeat as necessary. The paste can be purchased or made from cleanser or baking powder.

    You can also scrub with and SOS or Brillo pad or cover the area with a heavy layer of Baking Powder and pour peroxide over it, then scrub.

    If all else fails, open all windows, turn on fans and turn the cooktop as high as possible to burn the food off. Then clean as necessary. Caution: make sure the area is well ventilated and no pets or small children can be exposed to the fumes, they are toxic to small lungs.

  • Joyce Joyce on Jun 02, 2018
    I don't know if it will work on stainless, but I tried it on a black cooktop and it worked amazingly well. The stuff is called Fabuloso and it definitely did the job in my case. I poured it on, smeared it around, left it overnight. It was dried up in the morning so I used more and then scrubbed the top with a scrubbie. Approx 45 minutes later I had a smooth, clean top.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 02, 2018
    I would not scrape and scrubbing should be done with the grain. It may be slow but try to soak and remove even small layers at a time to avoid permanent damage. If the area can be reheated slightly use vinegar and baking soda paste And use dry baking soda as a scrub. If its an area you cant saturate, apply to cloth and layover and allow to soak in. Scrub between applications with baking soda then Repeat as needed. Hope this helps

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jun 02, 2018
    Fill your pan with enough water to cover the burnt on part. Turn your burner on high and bring the water in your pan to a boil. Continue to simmer the burnt food for a few minutes. Then take a spatula-plastic or metal- and gently scrape the burnt food off. I have never seen this not work. You may have to repeat it, but this method will not harm your pans.