How can you tell the direction of the grain on stainless appliances?

by Marsha

I received great suggestions for cleaning my stainless appliances.. however, they all mentioned... "rub with the grain" I don't mean to sound dumb.. but..... how do you know if the grain runs horizontally or vertically. Any tricks for figuring that out? . Thanks again,

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  • William William on Nov 21, 2018

    Usually the gain goes vertical. More visually appealing and full sheets of stainless for less waste.

  • Oliva Oliva on Nov 21, 2018

    Hi, Marsha,

    You should be able to see what looks like very fine brush marks, or very thin lines on your appliances. Use a magnifying glass if needed to find this, then clean your appliance, following these lines. In sinks, lines can run horizontally at the back, from side to side, but in the opposite direction, on the longer sides of your sink. In some cases, lines appear to curve at rounded corners in your sink.

  • Look at it. It is just like wood. Typically on appliances it runs up and down.

    • Marsha Marsha on Nov 21, 2018

      Didnt seem to stand out ... but I will look much closer.

      Thanks for your response.

      Have a great day,