Looking for a traditional washing machine with delicate and end beep

I was reading about washing pillows with HE. I hate my HE washer, it doesn't clean, I want a traditional washer with a delicate cycle and an end beep or something. Does anyone know one that cleans well? I have bought two and am taking back 2nd as they said it had an end beep but it doesn't ;( HELP!!
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  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 21, 2015
    I don't think I can help, but I totally agree with you about the HE machine (assuming you're referring to a front-loading one): I hate mine, too! One of the things I'd really like to have is a soak cycle, but you can't do that with mine. Mine does have a beep (actually, both my washer and dryer plays a little tune) when the cycle ends. I also hate the fact that they have to constantly be cleaned, and the rubber door gaskets cleaned and wiped down after every single load. Even with that, gunk still collects, and makes my clothes smell awful. So I'm shopping for replacements, but this time, it will be an old-fashioned top-loading machine with the ability to soak a load of clothes!

    • SusZanne SusZanne on Feb 22, 2015
      @Betsy Mine is top loader with all bells and whistles but clothes do not get enough water to clean even if i try and trick it! I too am shopping for old fashioned!

  • Iris Iris on Feb 22, 2015
    I love my HE washer. I used to envy my cousin in Ireland who had one, that's before they were available in the States.

    • SusZanne SusZanne on Feb 22, 2015
      @Iris How old is yours and what brand,mine is a cabrio and about 3 years old, don't know if they have improved over the past couple of years?

  • Iris Iris on Feb 22, 2015
    Mine is a Whirlpool , has a soak cycle and is almost 10 yrs old.

  • Dee Dee on Feb 22, 2015
    If you can find a small appliance store Look for the OLD SPEED QUEENS, Actually they are new ones just made like the old ones. You will be happy.