Asked on Jan 07, 2016

Remove protective film glue from SS fridge front

by Bananas!
I've tried nearly everything, oil, vinegar, peanut butter (yes really) chemical products, haven't yet tried pvr. Fridge was about 2 years old when I realized I'd been cleaning the protective film! it must be factory applied, so the glue is now about 3-4 years old. It looks horrible, but I just can't figure out how to get it off without ruining the finish! any ideas?
Samsung glue
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 07, 2016
    I would try car wax as an alternative. Apply with a lint free cloth and see if this will help lift off the residue. Then follow with a stainless steal cleaner.
  • Cathy Cathy on Jan 07, 2016
    WD-40, or baby oil ! Works wonders on od sticky stuff...
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jan 07, 2016
    If you want to remove it try finding the edge of the film and peeling it off. WD-40 could also work but I feel waxing over it would not remove it...unless you want to just shine up the film. Also try checking with the manufacturer as I'm sure you may not be the only person who has had this happen!
  • Pam Pam on Jan 07, 2016
    protective film will peel if you find the end. I also did the same thing but realized I was looking at the film. Have patience.
  • Michael Swigert Michael Swigert on Jan 07, 2016
    Lighter fluid, but do it in a well ventilated area. Make sure you dispose of the cleaning rags appropriately.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 07, 2016
    I know it sounds a bit odd but somewhere I read a post that I was going to forward about the wax but of course now I cannot find it. So I will retract my statement and go with the baby oil and WD40 sorry.
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 07, 2016
    I guess I didn't explain myself properly, I DID already tear off the film, this is the result, a weird faintly sticky finish.... I tried baby oil, I tried spraying on wd40...nothing :( any other ideas? I tried something even stronger than lighter fluid and it didn't do a thing! darn Samsung!!
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    • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 08, 2016
      Going to try lighter fluid now...will report back
  • Sandy Hartnett Sandy Hartnett on Jan 08, 2016
    Get a product called Goop! It removes that residue. It's great and inexpensive! Hugs
  • Pam Pam on Jan 08, 2016
    Goof Off- we used it at Home Depot to clean the stainless counter tops in the paint department.
  • Kba3733615 Kba3733615 on Jan 08, 2016
    If you have any film left on, use a hair dryer on low setting to warm it up, then peel it off. Other than that, just don't use anything too abrasive on the fridge.
  • Rosalie Rosalie on Jan 08, 2016
    Orange oil citrus spray. Great for removing price labels too.
  • Susan Susan on Jan 08, 2016
    I read somewhere on Hometalk about using baby oil. Perhaps that combined with the warm hair dryer would work.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jan 08, 2016
    Boiling water or steamer.
  • Sharon Brown Sharon Brown on Jan 08, 2016
    Use olive oil. It make the SS look fantastic and gets rid if the glue.
  • Diane Diane on Jan 08, 2016
    rubbing alcohol
  • Kathie Kathie on Jan 08, 2016
    I have used a product called 'Undu" for removing many sticky things.
  • Narelle Narelle on Jan 08, 2016
    Try eucalyptus oil.
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 08, 2016
    While searching for lighter fluid, I found a tin of goof off. It does work, every sooooo slowly, there is so much glue, it's crazy. Picture removing nail polish with a bad polish remover. It's going literally inch by inch. Someone said they used it on ss counter in Home Depot to clean paint, well I soooo wish I could lie my fridge down on it's back and soak it, but alas, not possible. This will work, however it will take an hour or two a day for about two's an awkward position to be in for long periods of time. I still can't find my lighter fluid, possible cause we don't smoke? lol....maybe I don't have any? oh well, thanks everyone, and I'm taking photos of the process and all the tools I've had to use. Goof Off melts certain plastics btw....then I had to try to scrape/rub all that mess off.....geez, maybe I'll try Samsung and see what they suggest.
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 08, 2016
    OH MY GOSH Pam!! I was just there! while talking to the Samsung guy!!! basically Samsung doesn't stand behind the outside of a product and they only recommend 2 things wd 40, which doesn't work and something called a 'soap solution' which he couldn't really explain. Soooo, I tried the ammonia, straight up and MAGIC!!! WAY bettter than goof off or anything else. Can't say it would work for every kind of adhesive, but I got lucky and it's working! not it will take me maybe another hour to finish it up! will post before and after!
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 08, 2016
    from "The companies that sell plastic coated items should have to tell you that you do need to remove the coating right away or post a big warning sign on them about the protective seal. This is over the top annoying and frustrating and I feel like crying." also from " ! Wow, I couldn't believe it! Was kind of depressed when we opened our dishwasher box, it had been in storage for a year and when we finally got around to installing it I couldn't get all of the wrap (blue) off of it. The wrapper came off but left a residue and smears on the face of the stainless steel door. It looked horrifying. Tried the ammonia and within seconds it was gone. Thanks so much for this suggestion, as I would have had to look at that ugly stain forever as elbow grease just was not taking it off.Carolyn Burke - Kingston, Ontario, Canada" Thanks to all of you who tried! it's really appreciated and let's hope this helps others with the same problem!!
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 08, 2016
    Beware! using goof off has smudged and smeared the ss finish, so far I haven't figure out how to fix it. The ammonia however leaves it like a beautiful new shiny finish! I've been careful not to wipe one product over the other....washed the goof off area first with water - good luck
  • Sam Sam on Jan 08, 2016
    3M Adhesive Solvent. Works on almost everything including a mystery substance similar to latex paint all over a car I bought. No damage to the car finish.
  • Lynn Couch Lynn Couch on Jan 08, 2016
    CLR might work. Maybe u could blow dry it to c if the heat would loosen the glue.
  • Sandy Sandy on Jan 08, 2016 great!!!
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 09, 2016
    RESOLVED: I used plain household ammonia and it took me under 5 minutes to do the entire freezer front! then wiped it all down with plain hot water, buffed it, let it dry and used OLIVE OIL and it looks absolutely gorgeous! only took 3 1/2 years!!!
  • Lynn Zawojski Lynn Zawojski on Jan 09, 2016
    go to the edge of a corner and start to peel, it will comer off in a big sheet. All appliances have this. Don't be afraid.
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Jan 09, 2016
    Lynn Zawojski that wasn't even close to the question!! lol.... it was the GLUE....but the problem was resolved, thanks anyway
  • Lou Devillon Lou Devillon on Jan 11, 2016
    congrats Bananas! save yourself some money and use mineral oil instead of the olive. results are the same.
  • K Jones K Jones on Jan 15, 2016
    On another site, someone recommended baby oil for treatment after clean.
  • Kari Roberts Kari Roberts on Jan 15, 2016
    A mix of baby oil and vinegar in a spray bottle to clean it from now on works awesome. save you some money on stainless steel cleaner.
  • Liv1578607 Liv1578607 on Apr 05, 2016
    I used WD40..spray, let sit for few seconds..scrape with plastic well with glue residue on jars, bottles, etc. also..try it, you'll see.
  • Bananas! Bananas! on Apr 05, 2016
    livingstonesgj I tried that, it did nothing and scraping surface with plastic spatula = torture! lol. Have YOU tried what I ended up doing? simple household ammonia....leave on for 1/2 second and wipe clean.....magic!
  • Mm Mm on Apr 26, 2018

    I just tried something and it WORKED! 30 minutes, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, wet paper towels and it was done. I figured, “what do I have to lose?” It looked awful the way it was after peeling off the protective plastic off after 3 years in place.

    Wet the magic erase, scrub the front of the refrigerato, follo with clean wet papertowels. I thought it would scratch the stainless steel but it didn’t. The frig looks just like it should.

  • Irina Kudinova Irina Kudinova on Jun 24, 2018

    omg... guess how I found this thread.. I have exact same fridge with exact same problem))) Thank you!

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jun 01, 2020

    Hi there, here's a great article how to remove glue using all natural ingredients -

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 23, 2021

    WD-40 or Surgical Spirit should do it.

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