Why does the inside of my dishwasher smell so bad?!

by Cer15487890
Even after it ran on the long, normal cycle and the dishes come out clean, the inside of my dishwasher smell like dirty garbage. It never use to be like that, but
I can't see anything in it that would be causing that...? Any ideas?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 26, 2018

    there may be food caught in the trap

  • Doris Stacey Doris Stacey on Jan 26, 2018

    I use Affresh dish washer cleaner.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jan 26, 2018

    A product made for dishwashers called affresh can help with odor and mineral deposits.

    “Designed to penetrate, dissolve & remove odor causing residue. Power away lime and mineral build-up that can occur inside your dishwasher. Cleans dishwashers better than bleach.”

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  • Col28898078 Col28898078 on Jan 27, 2018

    you need to remove the bottom basket and clean the bottom of the dishwasher by taking it apart and cleaning all the food that get accumulated inside there....my daughter's inside of her dishwasher smelled like rotten cabbage and I took it apart and "wow"....brand new!!! and now I do that regularly to prevent this from happening again....

  • Add a professional house cleaner, I've encountered possible causes of the smell:

    1. Good in the trap. Twist and remove the trap. Clean thoroughly. Stick your fingers into the trap opening and remove any food, stickers, garbage that has become trapped in there. Wash that thoroughly. Return trap to position.

    2. Mold/ mildew had begun around the door seal. There is rubber seal that runs around the inside edge of your dishwasher. Mold, mildew and food get trapped around it, particularly the bottom edge. Don't use bleach to clean it because that will breakdown the rubber seal. Any simple household cleanser like Mr. Clean will do or even vinegar and water. (Running the dishwasher with a specially formulated dishwasher cleaner will not work for this. Once it starts to smell this bad, it needs direct attention).

    Deep clean the entire rubber seal. For difficult spots I've been known to use a paring knife, butter knife, my fingernail. Keep at it.

    While you're at it, clean the edges of the door as well! You'll be amazed how much dirt gets trapped around there!


  • 19698379 19698379 on Jan 30, 2018

    Does your dishwasher have a filter? If yes, you may need to take it out and clean it. Also, are there places on the bottom where foot, etc. can get caught? Mine does have though, so I have check sometimes.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 21, 2023

    Have you cleaned out the filter? Do you use a Dishwasher cleaner. Have you checked the outside drain? Run the machine with only dish cleaner a couple of times!