How do I get a hard water ring off of the toilet bowl?

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  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 18, 2019

    Pumice stone.

    Wet it with some of the water that is remaining in the toilet bowl after draining the tank.

    Rub at the stain with gentle and consistent pressure until the stain is gone.

    Keep the pumice stone and the bowl wet when cleaning so you don't scratch the porcelain.

  • We've had success using CLR cleaner, which can be found at most big box stores.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Mar 18, 2019

    Hello-My solution was the pumice stick. This is excellent way to remove stains and rings in the toilet. When commercial toilet cleaners fail -this is my go to. Great for thick crusted calcium mineral build up that the toilet waterbowl collcts.

    They are found at my local Walmart for less than two dollars -good for multiple uses.

    Be sure to follow the use instructions, soaking the pumice stone in water for a few minutes. While the stone is soaking, grab your toilet brush and splash water up around the ring. Note: It’s very important to keep both the stone and the surface wet while cleaning to avoid scratching your porcelain.

  • Cindy Patrice Cindy Patrice on Mar 18, 2019

    When we were selling my moms second house, which had been rented out, the toilet was a mess. I drained the water then poured in a large bottle of cola. Left it sit for a few days, then cleaned it. Not perfect but it made a huge difference. Definitely worth a try!

  • Nic Nic on Mar 18, 2019

    I agree with the pumice stone solution---it will clean hard water/mineral deposits around the rim of the bowl with some elbow grease. For the deposits in the bottom of the bowl, another thing I did that was AWESOME was this: I emptied the toilet bowl of any water and put in pool acid (this was a suggestion from another source, I didn't come up with this on my own. We have a pool and keep pool acid around). You need to keep the area well ventilated and not breathe in the fumes. After a few hours the brown stain/mineral deposits that are in the bottom on the toilet bowl will be gone. Really gone.

  • Gina Gina on Mar 18, 2019

    I used everything, and the only thing that has worked for me is called , The Works, You can get it at Wall Mart, or the Dollar General.

  • Carol Carol on Mar 18, 2019

    I used CLR and it worked great. Took some help to get the really thick layer off but mostly it came off with a toilet brush.

  • Llc Llc on Mar 18, 2019

    I just tackled this exact same problem yesterday. Well....sort of. Mine wasn't hard water stain. Our water here in our little country town is horrible and stains the entire bowl below the top of the water. Makes it a kind of yellow or beige color. (I've got a HOME AND SMALL OFFICE CLEANING BUSINESS, and I thought I knew all the tricks. LOL....not with this baby).

    I've tried EVERYTHING I could think of over the past 10 years. Including STRAIGHT BLEACH sitting in it for hours. I've even shut off the water to the tank, flushed and then filled the entire bowl with bleach up to the water line. Have also tried scrubbing the empty bowl with baking soda and vinegar, magic eraser and probably 10 other things.

    BUT.....yesterday, I tried the LYSOL POWER. (in the blue bottle) At first I just used a ton of it with the bowl full as usual. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then flushed without scrubbing. O-M-G!!!! Most of the bowl was spotless. So....I went in for round 2. With practically no water in the bowl I used the rest of the bottle (yes...THE REST OF THE BOTTLE) and tried to make sure the whole bowl was coated evenly. Again let it sit for a couple of hours and VOILA!!!!!!!!!

    For the first time in probably 10 years the entire toilet bowl is sparkling white. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER be without the stuff in this house. Figure as long as I use it regularly (and just a regular dose from here on out instead of the whole dadgummed bottle) I should NEVER, EVER, EVER have to be ashamed to have family, friends or guests pay a visit to my bathroom again!!!!! DOING THE HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY...…..OHHHH SOOOOO HAPPPY DANCE!!!!!!!

    • AndradeTea AndradeTea on Mar 29, 2019

      I can attest to the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner being a winner. We had awful hard water build-up in the bottom of our toilets and were about to replace them when I tried the Lysol at the suggestion of someone else on Hometalk. Couldn't believe how well it worked! Took two sessions but our toilet bowls look like new! I tried the black label product first but can't seem to find it any longer. I use the blue label product now for maintenance. Very pleased. It's definitely worth trying. I think the key is completely covering every inch of the bowl and letting it sit a while before cleaning. Good luck!

  • Dee Dee on Oct 23, 2021

    Heat up 1 cup of white vinegar, mix in about 1/4 cup of Dawn Premium. Not the dollar store kind, because it is too thin. When mixed, pour into a spray bottle and fill with water. I spray and use Comet let stand for about 15 minutes and clean with a scratch free brillo or sponge.