How do you get rid if the yellow stripes in an old toilet bowl?

by Bernice

This is an old house, and the back of the toilet bowl has three yellow stripes where the water comes out. I must tell you that this place was un inhabited for more than 2 years.Thank youBernice Meyer 0832894885

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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 02, 2019

    Dear Bernice,. Start by shutting off the water for the tiolet. Next, flush the tiolet. Now you have no water in the bowl, scrub the stains with Bon Ami or a paste of baking soda aand lemon juice. Let sit for an hour. Turn the water back on, and flush. If you notice the yellow coming back, use a boowl cleaner that will run in the same place where the stains were. Aloha!

  • Kc Kc on Feb 02, 2019

    The yellow stains are probably due to iron in the water causing rusty deposits.

    Visit your local hardware store. The staff can help you fine a product specifically formulated to remove those stains. (One product brand name is Iron Out).

  • Valleycat1 Valleycat1 on Feb 02, 2019

    You could also use a pumice stone, available wherever bathroom cleaners are sold.