How do I get pet hair off clothes when washing?


I use white vinegar, which used to work, but now it only takes the smell out. My clothes are coming out if the washer/dryer covered in pet hair.Any solutions???

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 18, 2019

    I hate to say this, but I swear by my dryer sheets! We have four dogs, only one of which doesn't shed, and two cats. We always have fur on our clothes, but not so much with Bounce. Over time with new clothes the hair just starts disappearing. There are certain clothes that tend to keep some hair, like dark colored sweat pants. I swear one of our dogs fur has barbs and even the sticky rollers don't pull it out. Try vacuuming out the lint trap area, perhaps it is full of dog hair and some escapes around the trap.

    • Genie Genie on Mar 19, 2019

      Dog hair does have barbs -- that's why animal coats get matted -- very similar to felting with wool or any natural fiber

  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 18, 2019

    Before washing, run clothes or bedding through a 10-minute no-heat dryer cycle. This loosens the pet hair, which winds up in the lint trap. Throw in a dryer sheet, because any static buildup can keep hair bonded to fabric. Take the items out of the dryer, give them a good shake to remove any remaining pet hair, then toss them in the washer. (Clean the lint filter after every load, and the dryer duct annually, or more often if you notice your dryer is taking longer. That might happen if you regularly put your dog's bed in the dryer).

    Add a half-cup of white vinegar to the machine’s rinse cycle. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener that helps relax fabrics and loosen the pet hair.

  • A pet lint roller is one option. Tape wrapped around your hand and wipe your clothes down works well too. I have a dog that shreds hair terrible but I have found that most is removed by the tumble dryer. Maybe you are drying to much at one time or your filters need cleaning.

  • Rosanne Rosanne on Mar 19, 2019

    My sofa belongs to our dog, Hunter, not us, so I have those quilted covers (2, so I can alternate). They get covered with hair. I recently found that if I wipe with a dampish cloth (microfiber or terry, preferably) I can get most of the hair off EASILY before it goes in The wash. Only takes a minute, because it really comes off quickly

  • Nursejnm Nursejnm on Mar 19, 2019

    Use a dryer sheet after washing. It takes off most of it. Any thing left over...use tape or sticky roller.

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Mar 19, 2019

    I hated all the hair my cat was shedding all over everything...Until he died suddenly...😢😢😢

  • June June on Mar 20, 2019

    Try to remove the hair before it is put in your washing machine

    with packaging tape wrapped around your hand sticky side up.

    ounce it goes into the washing machine it becomes a nightmare.

  • EricaC EricaC on Aug 12, 2021

    I put them in the dryer first for about 20 minutes, then washing machine and dryer. BUT I had to eliminate the pet hair around the house first. I replaced all fabric furniture with leather, I have a tiny lightweight vacuum I keep plugged in and use all day long, I also have a masslinn heavy duty dust cloth attached to the bottom of my swifter I use throughout the day. My beagle gets de-shedded twice a month. I also have a clothing rack in my laundry room which leads to my garage. As we leave the house we get dressed in the laundry room and change into house clothes on the way in. it sounds a BUT I don't have an issue with hair on clothes.