Asked on Feb 08, 2017

How can I soften stiff spots on my carpeting?

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
I must have spilled something ( I think it was contact lense solution) on my carpeting and it dried stiff. How can I get it back to its original softness?
Thank you for your help!!!
the dark spots are the stiff spots
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  • William William on Feb 09, 2017

    A mixture of 1/3 clear vinegar to 2/3 of hot water in a spray bottle works to lift most dirt and light stains that aren't heavily ground into the carpet's fibers. For added cleaning strength, a few squirts of Dawn dish detergent can be added. Apply the solution liberally and vigorously scrub it into the carpet's fibers to loosen the stains. Blot with a clean cloth and rinse well with clear hot water. To soften the carpet mix a 1/4 of fabric softener to 3/4 of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray into the carpet. Let this solution set in the carpet for two minutes and blot dry. Rinse one more time and allow carpet to dry completely.

  • Donna Bagley Donna Bagley on Feb 09, 2017

    I was watching a talk show the other week and they said put ice on the area in question. Once the ice melts take a fork and rake the carpet back into place. So maybe after the stain has been removed you could try this for extra measure. Good Luck

  • 9530106 9530106 on Feb 09, 2017

    I would first try rinsing and blotting several times with a lint free rag and as hot of water as you can. Be sure and blot all excess. After it dries, you can vacuum to restore nap and softness. Many carpet solutions leave a residue, which just attracts more dirt.

  • Debby Adams Debby Adams on Feb 12, 2017