How do I get finger nail polish out of my carpet

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jan 31, 2018
    What have you tried so far?
    If the polish has hardened and become hardened and embedded into the carpet fibres then unfortunately sometimes the only way to completely solve the problem is to gently cut out the parts that are damaged, then take new strands from a hidden area of the carpet, and glue them into the bald area.

  • Mro14063724 Mro14063724 on Jan 31, 2018
    I had is happen to me and it was red. I took non acetone on a cotton swab first and put in on the name polish, it was really, really wet. Rub it in to the area, change out the cotton ball with another one and do it again.
    Then take a white cloth and dab it to take some the color out. Just keep doing it until it is gone. I hope this help you.

  • Martha Martha on Jan 31, 2018
    Go to lowes or Walmart get spray carpet cleaner with oxy clean ! Scrub then blot with white towel! If doesn't get all of nail polish try again then you can continue till removed but blot up don't want to leave white spot

  • Diana Brewer Diana Brewer on Feb 01, 2018
    I have heard that plain rubbing alcohol works.Never had this problem so I can't vouch for it.I would try the non-acetone nail polish remover dabbing first.Good luck.

  • Lin Collins Lin Collins on Feb 01, 2018
    You can try a solvent but it depends on what your carpet is made of. I'd take a razorblade and lightly scrape, not cut but with a back and forth scrubbing motion until you've removed the polish. You won't be able to tell you did it.