Asked on Oct 04, 2016

How do I remove mud stains out of a white football jersey?

Nancy France
by Nancy France
The jersey has red and black trim and numbers on it. I know I can't use bleach. I've been soaking it in cold water with Dawn and Krud Kutter. Help me please!
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  • IFortuna IFortuna on Oct 04, 2016
    Oxyclean does a great job. It does not harm colors but will brighten white and will get many stains out. You might want to start with a preteatment , rinse then wash (soak) in Oxyclean. I have used it on whites and they come out great. : )
  • Pg Pg on Oct 04, 2016
    If that doesn't work, try using 20 Mule Team Borax. I have switched to that instead of bleach for my whites. It does a much better job.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 04, 2016
    I agree with the oxiclean.
  • Paula Dabbs Slatery Paula Dabbs Slatery on Oct 05, 2016
    Oxi Clean is great for most stains. It always works for me.
  • Frances Antil-Bunton Frances Antil-Bunton on Oct 05, 2016
    spray it with spray and wash any brand of it and use a bar of Felznaptha. Wet the bar and material and rub on the grass stains then use a brush like one for your nails and brush the stain. it will start to disappear ...its a little labor intensive but works great to get stains out of anything....two boys and years of fottball baseball soccer etc ive found this is what works best on most all stains....felznaptha is a bar of soap in the laundry area...old school but works the best
  • Betsy Betsy on Oct 05, 2016
    My sister-in-law takes my niece's white uniform to the car wash. She swears it is the only way to get the mud out.
  • Joh7772173 Joh7772173 on Oct 05, 2016
    Oxi Clean would be my first choice, second choice would be a 50/50 mix of Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide. Rub the mix on, let it set for about 10 min and then run thru wash cycle. Good luck.
  • Lori Patterson Lori Patterson on Oct 05, 2016
    Good old Ivory bar works wonders for stubborn stains. Gentle too! Gently scrub with an old toothbrush or rub the fabric together and rinse well.
  • Patricia Patricia on Oct 05, 2016
    use dish washer detergent/ (powder of bricks_ soak and scrub with a brush.
  • Patty Patty on Oct 05, 2016
    my daughter at age 9 had a favorite white skirt that at wash time had red georgia dirt, green palmolive, it has to be the green, rub some into the dirt saturate the dirt and rub it in well, then wash as usual, worked on that white skirt, spotless!
  • Pat Zagami Pat Zagami on Oct 06, 2016
    Try Oxy-clean spary for stains. You can buy it at Wal-Mart. I would spary the garment havey with the Oxo-Clean and put in a zip-lock bag and let it set over night. It works for me on hard stains.