How to get mildew smell from foam cushions stored in a garage

by Che2594520
They have been stored in a garage and although in good condition they do have a strong odor I have laid them in the sun but they still smell of mold. the covers do not come off but I suppose they have mildew on the inside/
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  • Dragonintheattic Dragonintheattic on Dec 06, 2015
    Try putting them in a bag with a new open box of baking soda for a month, tied shut.
  • Debra Housworth Debra Housworth on Dec 07, 2015
    A small amount of bleach goes a long way to remove mildew smell. Dilute with lots of water and rinse well. A tablespoon of bleach in a laundry load will kill mildew and won't be enough to damage clothes. Just be careful to dilute it before adding.
  • Karen swift Karen swift on Dec 07, 2015
    have you a steam cleaner give them a few goes with a steam cleaner the high heat penetrates the fabric and kills bacteria without damaging fabric
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 07, 2015
    Research this site. I think this will work for you.
  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Dec 07, 2015
    Personally, I would toss 'em. Find some new cushions on sale.