Need help please

Cathy Hayward
by Cathy Hayward
Does anyone know how to get party lite wax off a 100% polyester blanket. I tried washing it and it never came off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ty.
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  • Z Z on Aug 03, 2015
    It's almost impossible to get wax completely out of fabrics. You can start the process by chipping off any excess wax away. Don't try to scrape as this can damage the fabric. Believe, I know that from experience. Then place the wax area between many layers of paper towels and iron to melt as much as you can out of the fabric. Then wash the blanket and dry. Don't over heat the blanket as poly can't take too much heat, but run it over and over until the wax is no longer too noticeable.
  • Cathy Hayward Cathy Hayward on Aug 03, 2015
    will try that ty
  • Fred Stevens Fred Stevens on Aug 03, 2015
    Try a brown paper bag over the wax then iron the sack which s over the wax. The wax should stick to the brown paper sack. You may have to do this several times, it has worked for us!
  • Cathy Hayward Cathy Hayward on Aug 04, 2015
    ty will try that
  • Nolly Kozijn Nolly Kozijn on Aug 04, 2015
    put the blanket in the freezer, the wax will become hard en you can remove it easily.
  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 04, 2015
    If you try the iron/brown paper bag process, you might want to add an additional layer of paper towels so that your iron doesn't retain any waxy residue to transfer on to clothing later. This technique has worked for me when my teenage daughter spilled liquid wax on our carpeting.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 04, 2015
    I always use ice cubes for wax.Works wonders
  • Michelle Frederick Michelle Frederick on Aug 04, 2015
    My mom has used ice cubes to make the wax cold enough to peel then the paper-bag/iron technique to finish it off.
  • Ms. M Ms. M on Aug 04, 2015
    If you have a can of air that you would use to clean a computer's keyboard. It will work!! ;-D
  • Pou1488028 Pou1488028 on Aug 04, 2015
    blowing drying will warm it up so you can wipe it off
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Aug 04, 2015
    Freeze it, then the wax will chip off. Once that happens, use paper towel on each side of the blanket and put a warm iron on the paper towels to absorb what's left of the wax. Be careful not to have the iron too hot as it will melt polyester
  • Sharon Powless Sharon Powless on Aug 05, 2015
    The answer I have is the exact opposite of what everyone else is saying. So if you have tried freezing and it didn't work, here is what I would suggest. Wax is very easy to remove with a WARM iron. Just put a paper bag on top of the wax and iron it. Move the bag often because the wax will go into it. When you are done re-wash your blanket and it should be good to go. If the candle had brightly colored wax put a pre wishing product on your blanket before washing it.
  • Cathy Hayward Cathy Hayward on Aug 05, 2015
    will try this one ty will let everyone know how this 100% polyester blanket with party light wax turns out with this remedy
  • Gale O'Neal Gale O'Neal on Aug 05, 2015
    I agree with Sharon Powless. I have done that for my rug as well!
  • Liza Liza on Aug 07, 2015
    I agree with Sharon however I would make sure you have something under the blanket when ironing it say a papertowel and keep replacing both items on top and bottom when wax apperars. Untill you get it all out.
  • Cathy Hayward Cathy Hayward on Aug 12, 2015
    i have tried the brown bag one it helped sum what haventgot it all out yet will so the bag again see if it removes all the rest ty everyone for all ur imput u guys rock ty ty will let u know the final results