How to you get a musty smell out of washcloths?

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  • Barb Kridel Jacoby Barb Kridel Jacoby on Jul 11, 2018

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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 11, 2018

    Hot water, detergent, and vinegar work wonders, and kill the mildew. I would just let them soak a bit in your washer or a bucket, then run the washer as usual. Putting them in the dryer, on in the sun on a clothesline afterwards, helps too.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jul 11, 2018

    Bleach is the best way to get rid of the musty smell.

  • Charlene Charlene on Jul 11, 2018

    My husband and son both have an 'unusual odor' in their clothes and the bed sheets (and pillow case especially). It is not bad--just not overly pleasant. I tried just about everything. Finally, I found a product at the local Dollar Tree store (everything a dollar). It is called 'Awesome'.

    Boy--what a difference. My husband is a nurse and Awesome removes every stain (so far) from his uniforms (all white). Unbelieveable--BUT the best thing is that off smell. I run their clothes and bed clothes through a hot wash with Awesome, 1 cup lemon juice, and 1 c baking soda. Then I hang them out in the sunshine. What a difference. PLUS my sheets are cleaner. Then I threw a scoop of 'Oxyclean' in the hot water before adding the clothes and sheets--WOW--my sheets are like new-cleaner and brighter.

    A little bit of work, but OH so worth it. God bless, Charlene