Is there any special steps to do to remove smoke damage from clothing

by KSS
Certain products to use beyond just washing them with detergent
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  • Z Z on Feb 03, 2014
    First off I want to say I'm so sorry for the fire. That has to be devastating. I found this article that should help you some. They don't mention specific detergents, but explain enough that I think it should be helpful. Things like shaking off any soot outside before putting clothing in you washer. Using as much water and detergent as allowed by your washer. Adding all fabric bleach and a water conditioner.

  • We had a house fire several years ago and clothing and anything upholstered were ruined. ServePro did our fire restoration and one of the techs gave me some advice which helped. Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash everything. The antiques got so hot that the paint melted off! If the fire dept would have been 5 minutes later we would not have been able to save the antiques. Back to clothes: There is no way to get the smoke smell out completely. If there is, then it will cost you a lot of time and money and probably not be good for you or the clothes. I take it you washed them already? I washed everything several times and still have one stuffed animal that was a keepsake of my sons that 16 yrs later still smells like smoke! The only thing is to soak/ wash the clothes in several cups of vinegar and add some Downy/fabric softener to see if that helps. Good luck

  • Ideally your insurance should be covering these cleanings. In any case professional cleaning is really suggested. Check with your local dry cleaner for advice on cleaning any materials.

  • Karryn Dahl Conlin Karryn Dahl Conlin on Feb 04, 2014
    My husband and I fight fire, and we use odoban. it is wonderful.

  • Diane Kring Diane Kring on Feb 04, 2014
    I would try white vinegar. Spray them first then add some to the wash along with baking soda

  • Moxie Moxie on Feb 04, 2014
    Lemon juice will break through hubby is a fireman and we have to de-smoke clothes often. I also boost with borax.

  • Timeless Interiors Timeless Interiors on Feb 05, 2014
    Try baking soda and white vinegar. Good luck!

  • Your ideas are really appreciable; you can add more to your ideas as I also have some related tips. Use the vinegar in the laundry by adding a cup to the wash cycle, repeat as needed until the smoke smell is gone. Make up a half water-half vinegar solution, dampen a wash cloth or hand towel in the solution and wipe down the mattress. Should take the smell out but again, you may have to repeat.