Tip: cut your dryer sheets in half!

Half of one does the trick, and you can make them last twice as long! Any other laundry money saving tips?
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  • Libby Libby on Feb 04, 2017
    I saw on Life Hacks if you wad up a ball of foil it'll act as an anti-static sheet in your dryer. Hope this actually does work! It was around the size of a softball (maybe little smaller)
    i believe they said it lasts for months

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 05, 2017
    This is brilliant, and so do-able, thank you!!

  • Joyce Joyce on Feb 05, 2017
    of any one uses color cather,you can cut the sheets in half a sheet for large load and third for med or small.I love this stuff.I've been using it for several years and never have a bleed show on my clothes.great for the kids doing laundry away from home.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Feb 05, 2017
    I use white vinegar in the washer to remove stains from food and sweat, musty odors, collar rings ... easier on septic tanks and machine parts. Clears soap scum and detergent clogs before they happen. no bleaching of colors and safer than chlorine splashes. Cheaper too!

  • Virginia Ogan Virginia Ogan on Feb 06, 2017
    Our daughter made felted wool balls about the size of tennis balls. Three of them placed in the dryer load soften the items and remove the static cling. Much cheaper and safer than dryer sheets or liquid softener.

  • Mary jones Mary jones on Feb 07, 2017
    GreT ideas. For yrs have cut my dryer and color catcher sheets in half. Had my daughter doing that with dryer sheets for a few yrs. NOW, she throws about 5 WHOLE SHEETS in as "we want our laundry to smell good!" 😖