How do I remove pet urine stains from my family rooms new carpet?

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  • Sharon Gott Griffin Sharon Gott Griffin on Feb 28, 2019

    Check a small spot for color fastness, then if it does not remove the color, use a spray bottle filled with a small squirt of Dawn Dish liquid and 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 water. Spray liberally then BLOT the area and let dry. Club soda also works, if all else fails go to the pet store and purchase some expensive spray. DO NOT SCRUB, that just spreads the stain. Mine is cheaper and I think just as effective.

  • Ebby Ebby on Feb 28, 2019

    Those don't remove easily, I can tell you that! We tried all kinds of products from pet stores and home stores. Best thing we found to work was using apple cider vinegar. Whenever you can, sop up the urine as quickly after it happens as you can, using a clean rag. DON'T press down on it...the urine will go deeper. Pour a light amount of vinegar directly on the spot, careful not to saturate. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Gently dab the area with a clean cloth (not the one you just used) and let dry. If it happens while you are away, it is is still damp, use the same method. However, if the spot has dried, leaving discoloration, you will need to use more vinegar and saturate the area pretty well. The vinegar may seep down to the flooring, but vinegar dries relatively quickly, and once dry, does not leave an odor. Let the saturated area sit for about 5 minutes, then, using another clean cloth, firmly press to remove moisture, turning the cloth or using a 2nd one, until the area is as dry as you can get it with the clean cloths. Vinegar is the best odor and stain remover there is...along with baking soda, which you could sprinkle on the area after it dries, then vacuum a bit later. As I said, we have a LOT of experience with pet mishaps as we fostered cats for years. This is the only thing we found to work, even on spit-up. ALWAYS USE WHITE OR LIGHT COLORED CLOTHS. BTW: Anytime you take up carpet to replace it or put down a different type of flooring, clean spots with vinegar, let dry completely, then PAINT over them with a good semi-gloss paint. It helps to waterproof, and cover any remaining smell before putting your new flooring down!

  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Mar 01, 2019

    IN a squirt bottle, combine the following: 1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Cup Club Soda, 1/2 Cup Dawn & 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice. Shake to combine. Spray on the stain until saturated. With paper towels, rub until the stain comes clean. The paper towels absorb the excess liquid & the stain while you scrub. Let it dry. We use this formula on our carpets & the stains come right up. We usually keep a bottle mixed up. Works wonders for us.

  • Pat Pat on Mar 01, 2019

    Resolve makes a carpet cleaner (stain remover) especially for pet stains...might try that.

  • Karen Julio Karen Julio on Mar 09, 2019

    I use Nature’s Miracle, the red can for severe pet stains. It works well, I did a severe spot on my sofa.