Cabinet smell from dog urine

by Ban2597098
My kitchen cabinets smells like dog urine. I've tried everything and can't get rid of it. Would painting them cover the smell?
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  • Julie Julie on May 30, 2016
    Hi, have you tried to wash it down with a soloution of water and bicarbinate of soda, it works for sicky smells and smelly matresses, (just a damp cloth on soft furnishings though. Good luck x
    • Lolita Lolita on Jun 30, 2020

      Training your dog is the only long-term solution, OP.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 30, 2016
    Try putting open boxes of baking soda in the cabinets along with a bowl of white vinegar ,leave in long enough to absorb the odor.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on May 30, 2016
    I have never this, but some people recommend putting crumpled newspapers and/or charcoal and leaving for a long while. If it is movable also put outside in the sunshine. After you do all this, and if still necessary, use shellac primer. Here is description "White Pigmented Shellac Primer can be used as a full interior primer or as a spot exterior primer and permanently seals out the toughest stains and odors in one coat. Ideal for fire restoration work, White Pigmented Shellac Primer is extremely effective in blocking stubborn stains caused by fires, floods and pets as well as embedded cooking and cigar smoke odors."
  • Shirley MacDonald Shirley MacDonald on May 30, 2016
    Murphy's oil . I wash out my cupboards with it. They have a nice smell when finished
  • William William on May 30, 2016
    Vinegar and Water – This seems to be the most popular remedy out there. It is very simple, pour a cup of white vinegar into a bucket of warm water and wash the area thoroughly. Once it dries, the vinegar smell will go away and so will the odor. Now I’ve found a few variations to this one so I want to list them also. Some people believe that essential oils work well to remove the odor of pet urine and recommend adding a few drops of grapefruit oil to the vinegar solution. Other say to use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. More suggestions are to add a teaspoon of dish washing liquid or a teaspoon of baking powder. All else fails, varnish the cabinets. Paint or poly won't work. Febreze, Murphy's Oil, even Enzyme Cleaners are temporary. The odor does come back. It's in the pores of the wood.
  • Barb Nimsky Barb Nimsky on May 30, 2016
    Short of pulling the wood out of the cabinets,_I would try full not diluted vinegar. I had same situation on end tables, vinegar did help but ended up giving end tables away because the wood was too damaged from cat pee.
  • Peggy Peggy on May 30, 2016
    Go to your local pet store and buy a bottle of natures miracle. It is an enzyme based product that eliminates pet urine. We have 4 dogs and bought it by the gallon when they were being trained!
  • Gary Canada Gary Canada on May 30, 2016
    Oder-Ban is another product that neutralizes the Oder by enzymes. You need to spray it on kinda heavy which ever product you use, and let it soak in as best as possible. If you decide to paint make sure to use paint with kilz in it, but still don't think this should be the first step... Make sure to get the inside, outside, and around the base thoroughly. This is how I solved the problem in the last apartment I rented (a long time ago).
  • Nell Morris Nell Morris on May 30, 2016
    Oder ban is a great product. However for anything that is porous such as pressed board, tile grout etc the urin is so deeply embedded that it will seep back up over time and you will smell it again. The best thing you can do is to clean it ,deodorize it , wait until it's completely dry then seal it. Either with paint or floor sealer or poly sealer for wood. Depending on the surface your treating. Hope this helps you
  • CrowEyes CrowEyes on May 30, 2016
    Also if you can take the toe kicks out (the urine may have gone through the cabinets sides and down to the floor underneath) and clean /disinfect/neutralize the floor underneath...may help a bit more so....
  • Vicki at Entri Ways Vicki at Entri Ways on May 31, 2016
    Never use vinegar on dog urine. Both are an acid. The vinegar will enhance the oDOR and may even cause added staining
  • Gary Canada Gary Canada on May 31, 2016
    Absolutely correct... vinegar will not work. Maybe a baking soda solution will draw out and neutralize the smell. Do pay close attention to the cabinet... if it is pressed board then do not want to get it wet... in that case I guess use the soda (or other alkaline substance) in powder form. Not an easy solution as you can tell... but after treatment, you may have to resort to painting it with kilts, should help...
  • Lillian J Berger Lillian J Berger on Apr 25, 2018

    Wow! Thanks for asking this question! I have this... it’s not dog urine the cubhoards are on the wall but it smells like it. Thanx everyone for ideas!!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 17, 2023

    Nature's Miracle from a pet store should do the trick, try that.