Asked on May 06, 2016

How to get white-out off of varnished wood?

Tova Pearl
by Tova Pearl
I have just spilled white-out on top of a varnished wood desk, and quite a lot of it. Does anyone have any advice on how to get it off? Thanks hometalkers!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 06, 2016
    Try using WD40 with a soft clean cloth. Leave on for a few minutes to soften the white out.You can also try equal parts of olive oil and white vinegar again applying and leaving on long enough to lift the stain.
  • Patricia Prinkey Patricia Prinkey on May 06, 2016
    My input: Let whiteout dry. Get a small can of kiltz or equivalent. Sand surface to adhere. Apply equivalent and then apply stain. This would be a last ditch effort. I can only imagine how you must feel but it is fixable. You could also contact whiteout and find out if there are any solutions. It might not be the same whiteout of long ago. It might be environment friendly.
  • William William on May 06, 2016
    Add to Janet's post! WD40 is amazing! Goo Gone and rubbing alcohol also work.
  • ANITA ANITA on May 06, 2016
    Try alcohol based hand sanitizer. Its the only thing that easily gets that and marker off my desk at the office. Scary we use it on our hands, but it does work.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 06, 2016
    Please do not use alcohol as it will take the finish off.
  • Nancy Nancy on May 06, 2016
    Contact the manufacturer
  • Patricia Bell Patricia Bell on May 06, 2016
    I would start with plain old Windex. You would be amazed at what this will remove.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 06, 2016
    Windex may cause discoloration in the finish.
  • Linda Johnson Linda Johnson on May 06, 2016
    Try hydrogen peroxide and baking soda... Rub gently, though, so you don't scratch the finish.
  • Ann Ann on May 06, 2016
    use the edge of a credit card to scrap it off. once clean apply furniture polish
  • Jillian Jillian on Jun 01, 2018

    Hand sanitizer works great! If you need something at home and don’t want to run to the store, hand sanitizer is the way to go!

  • Che33774267 Che33774267 on Jul 10, 2018

    I found the perfect product to remove White-out off of a wooden floor,

    Guardsman Citrus Dry Cleaning Fluid. I dropped a bottle of White on my wooden floor and it splattered everywhere. I tried several solutions that didn't work!! I had the Guardsman cleaner in the cabinet and thought I would give it a try. So glad I did!! It worked instantly!!

  • Lisa Denning Lisa Denning on Dec 27, 2018

    I used WD40 on my wooden floor and it worked brilliantly! I just sprayed it on and wiped it right off.

  • Jonathan Grossmann Jonathan Grossmann on Jan 16, 2019

    I also used WD40 on my hardwood floor and after soaking a few minutes it wiped off cleanly with no damage to surface.