Asked on Jun 16, 2018

How to clean Tacky, sticky kitchen cabinets?

i recently purchased a home and my kitchen cupboards are always tacky and look like they are dirty near the area where you open them. What would cause this, how do I fix it please? I can’t remove all the doors etc. and budget right now does not allow contractor.
Thank you for any suggestions

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  • Bijous Bijous on Jun 16, 2018

    It is a build up of grit and grime over time. Use a paste of baking soda and water and a magic sponge and clean all the cabinets well. Remove the handles because it's hard to clean around them. Clean handles in hot soapy water. But put them all back on the original cabinet, if they're handles and not knobs. They may have been drilled differently to fit. Good luck.

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    • Sarah Tobin Sarah Tobin on May 29, 2020

      I have the SAME problem. Old owners I think did a crap touch up job to sell the house. The stickiness is driving me mad. I just got new hardware and don’t want to put it on until the cabinets are clean and evenly white

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Jun 16, 2018

    KrudCutter for Kitchens -- works like magic on greasy build up -- any home improvement store will carry it

  • Sounds like just years of grease and dust accumulating. The very best cleaner I have ever used for that is good old ammonia. Pour some in some hot water, and just start scrubbing away... be sure to wear glove and have some good ventilation because that stuff stinks. But boy, does it work well. Cuts through that junk and dissolves it right away. If they're really dirty, you many need to go back with a second clean bucket of water and ammonia to clean leftover residue off. But you'll see how after just minute of the ammonia water soaked sponge hitting the greasy mess, it loosens it beautifully!

    • Ilene Paffel Thompson Ilene Paffel Thompson on Jun 17, 2018

      Thank you so much, I may have not stated my question correctly earlier. The cabinets are white and very clean but are tacky to touch and leave the slightest touch to open them look like they have never been cleaned. Someone suggested a latex paint was used over an oil base paint but did not state what to do to test this. I have used ammonia and magic eraser but that seems to almost remove the paint in the door. This is a new one for me and I don’t want to have to replace entire kitchen cabinet doors.

  • Ahhh.... Besides the magic eraser feeling like it's going to remove the paint, does the paint feel like it comes off easily? If not, and it seems like it's stuck to the previous layer, I think I'd just repaint them. I'd use THIS PRIMER and THIS PAINT. The primer I'm suggesting you use is a bonding primer and water clean up. It sticks way better than just standard primer. The paint I'm suggesting is a great quality satin finish paint. I'm just recently become a Behr paint 'fan'... painted my entire house inside and outside with it. I love how it flows out, hiding brush strokes. Hope that helps. Liz SimpleDecoratingTips