Asked on Jun 03, 2015

Downy Unstopables sachets

I have a great old dresser which I love, however it leaves my clothing smelling like an old basement! I was thinking of making some tulle bags and filling them with Downy Unstopable beads. I have never used them, does anyone know if the scent is long lasting when kept dry? I plan on spritzing the drawer bottoms with diluted fabric softener, then placing them out in the sun first to help freshen them up as well.
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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jun 04, 2015
    I have never used the Downy, but thought I would share this site with you. It has some helpful tips for killing mildew. I would try to kill it first then maybe use the freshner.
    • Cynthia Starnes Griffin Cynthia Starnes Griffin on Jun 04, 2015
      @B. Enne Thank-you, I have cleaned the dresser thoroughly, it just has an OLD smell, of course it is over 100 years old.......and spent 20 years in storage. I will try one of these remedies, I really love the piece.
  • Vickon886 Vickon886 on Jun 04, 2015
    My husband refinishes furniture for a living....simply take a sander with fine sand paper and do the insides ....don't forget to do the sides also.
  • Susan Susan on Jun 04, 2015
    I had an old dresser with that same musty odor. I bought sachet bags fro Bed Bath and Beyond and put one in each drawer. It really did help.
    • Cynthia Starnes Griffin Cynthia Starnes Griffin on Jun 04, 2015
      @Susan I have scented paper, and sachet bags, but anything stored in there for too long between washes, needs to be rewashed. Thank for responding. :)
  • Shari Shari on Jun 04, 2015
    I have never personally tried this but I have read you can spray or paint the inside of the drawers with (clear) shellac and that will block the odor. Regarding your question about the Downy Unstoppables, I sometimes use them and while stored in the plastic bottle, the fragrance does last for many, many months. However, I don't think they smell that strong to begin with so once exposed to the air in a tulle bag, I don't know how long the fragrance would last. It certainly would not hurt to try it but I would presume if the scented paper and sachet bags you are currently using aren't keeping things fresh, the Downy Unstoppables probably won't work much better.
  • Carol Carol on Jun 04, 2015
    Shari is correct. I sprayed the inside and outside of the drawer of my antique chest and ... no more 'old' smell! An easy fix.
  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jun 05, 2015
    I don't know if this will work for your dresser, but it works on old suitcases that have a musty smell: Loosely crumple newspapers--the more the better. Close the drawers and leave for several days. It is the cheapest & easiest fix (if it works) so you might give it a try before other more costly or time consuming treatments. If it doesn't work, you haven't invested much time or money--so no big loss. Best wishes.
  • Susie Moore Susie Moore on Jun 05, 2015
    The heat from the sun can do wonders on anything. One of the best things to do with smelly drawers is use baking soda with little bit of water and mix into a paste.spread along bottom and sides. Lay out in sunlight for at least 8 hrs. Paste will dry and can be swept out or knocked out.
  • Lee Ann Perez Lee Ann Perez on Jun 06, 2015
    Try emptying the drawers, wad up newspapers and fill the drawers. Change these daily for several days or until the smell is not noticeable. This worked on cabinets that went through a home fire and were untouched by flame but smelled scorched. Took a week or so,but it did the job.
  • McCoko McCoko on Jun 07, 2015
    I do use the Downy Unstoppables as satchets and yes they do keep their scents despite not being wet.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Jun 13, 2015
    Baking soda and sun. Take drawers out in the sun for several days; but don't leave them overnight. Good luck.
  • Libby Wick Libby Wick on Jun 14, 2015
    This may sound slightly bonkers but ..... take an old pair of tights/a stocking/pop sock and put a couple of handfuls of a clay based, deodorising cat litter in it. Tie the opening, place one in each drawer and you should have fresh smelling drawers in a couple of days. :)
  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 15, 2022

    Hi Cynthia, hope this helps you out. You can use the downy beads in sachet bags and they should last at least 12 weeks, refresh when the smell goes away. I use them in my vacuum for a fresh scent.