Basement dirt removal question ... ?

Part (about 1/3 of the total floor area) of the basement in my home (built in 1927) is just dirt, separated from the rest of the space by a knee-wall.
Are there companies that will excavate the dirt from this area and haul it away? Additionally, I would most likely need to have a concrete slab poured once the dirt is gone. (I don't know what's under the dirt --- if anything.)
How much would something like this cost?
I HATE the dirt and could use the extra storage space!

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  • Betty Betty on Jul 31, 2017

    this happened in a place I lived and the dirt area was rock. So the builder did not want the expense of excavating that area.

  • Bobbi Bobbi on Jul 31, 2017

    Just guessing under the dirt is more dirt...I would suggest just leveling it and pour your cement.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 01, 2017

    I would call a couple foundation companies for estimates.

  • J J on Aug 01, 2017

    EXPENSIVE. A new foundation would have to be installed in order to keep the original one from shifting (the dirt is holding it in place now). This may take a "new" support structure be installed first to prevent the walls from collapsing even before the new footers are poured.

  • ReneJackson ReneJackson on Aug 01, 2017

    Do not remove the dirt! The best thing to do is to just concrete it over. You can do it yourself for 100 to 200 dollars. Ask a handyman if you can't do it yourself. Our house was built in 1911 and we had the same problem which my husband fixed!

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Aug 01, 2017

    Hire a building engineer to examine and evaluate your homes existing structure to determine IF your plans to excavate the cellar portion of your basement can be done without major foundation changes. Older homes don't necessarily follow the building codes we have today. Changes to the building over the years can compromise the structures ability to support the work you want done now. Be sure its a building engineer and not an inspector you hire.

  • Kay Camenisch Kay Camenisch on Aug 01, 2017

    We live in a home that was built around 1900 and almost half the basement was dirt--with rock under much of it. It has been dug out and made into a 3 room apartment, so it can be done, but I would check with an expert and get counsel and estimates if you need someone else to do it. Good luck!