Cleaning stainless steel silverware

My stainless steel silverware is looking poorly. It's not shiny and looks like it needs to be cleaned. Does anyone know a quick way to clean it without scouring each piece? It comes out of the dishwasher looking cloudy. I just don't have time for that before the holidays.

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  • I just give them a soak in the sink with really hot water and vinegar. Rinse well, hand dry and done.

  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Dec 10, 2017
    The old-fashioned hint is to soak the flatware in really hot water mixed with a splash of ammonia (one teaspoon per gallon). Rinse with clear, hot water and dry well with a clean, soft cloth.

    But today, specially formulated stainless steel cleaners or polishes can do the job too.

    To prevent your flatware from discoloring in the future, rinse the pieces immediately after use. Foods like lemon, salt, mayonnaise or mustard can cause corrosion or pitting.

    Your stainless steel can be put in the dishwasher (although not with sterling silver in the same compartment), but hand-washing is better for preserving the shine. Follow these hints: Don't soak for long periods; never pour detergent directly on the pieces; wash in hot water; dry immediately.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 10, 2017
    If you normally wash your stainless flatware in the dishwasher... then the fault may lie with the dishwasher detergent. Most of the new dishwasher detergents are "designed" to deal with left on, stuck on, dried on, food. Because most folks don't want to pre-rinse their dishes, the detergents have a tendency to sort of "blast" the stuff off and they can effect the finish of the dishes, etc. ... (that is why the manufacturers of "non-stick" bake ware recommend that they be hand washed). Washing "sharp" things like knives, pizza cutters, etc... in the dishwasher will cause them to dull faster too.