Cleaning the cement off a marble tile

by Lori
I wonder if anyone has had any experience with removing and reusing marble tiles from a badly done installation? It was installed on a wallboard of some kind instead of removing the wall board and going on the wall. It's a mess.
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  • I am sorry to say no.Marble is very fragile and the pounding and chipping away will just break it. unless....are you saying it was glue on to a board like paneling or beadboard? tile should be installed on top of backer board or durock/cement board. Let me know and even a picture would help
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    • Oh my! I have never seen this before. It is best if you remove all this. We had a similar situation in our kitchen when a contractor put floor tiles on top of drywall and we literally took a screwdriver and pryed off the tiles! the whole piece of drywall came down with the tiles! I would remove all the tile and see what happens. There is no way to fix this without removing all of the tiles. You may get lucky and the tiles will clean up or at least some of them and then find some other tiles to compliment. You will most likely have to replace the drywall behind the tiles you remove. If you have to remove the drywall because it is badly damaged, I would think about using durock/cement board if you are going to tile. good luck
  • Yolanda.smits2 Yolanda.smits2 on Feb 02, 2016
    hi,i'm from Belgium and i have a tip for jou. Spread babypowder all over your marble and rub the powder over de places with cement,than use a glass scraper with a new blade,or use oil ,it me be kitchen oil and do the same thing whit your scraper,when the cement is gone clean the surfaces with a cloth. Don't be affraid and put your blade while jou're scraping always in the same direction horizontal but use new or not used blades,i have already done this on my marble sink and i did a good job.Please let me now if jou succeedet to.
  • Yolanda.smits2 Yolanda.smits2 on Feb 02, 2016
    Something more about your marble: keep looking after a while if jour blades are still OKE and if you using oil than there is a possibilyty that the concrete to fill the spaces between the marble could be a little darker than before and then clain the spaces afterwurds with soap for handwas for diches and dry them immeadietly after jou clear it with water.SUCCES!!
  • Lori Lori on Feb 06, 2016
    It sounds like the consensus is I can't really do this or at least with any degree of success. Now that I have the cupboards all done I really hate the backsplash but not quite as badly as I know I'd hate listening to my husband protest on changing it. :( Leave it with me, I'll get back to you on this one. :)