does anyone know what to use to get grout haze off ceramic tile?

i was asked to do this and im not sure if there is an easy way to tackle this. any help is much appreciated.thank you
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  • 'Raven E 'Raven E on Jun 12, 2012 have you checked here, i believe you just keep washing and washing using clean water until they are clean.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 12, 2012
    You should be able to scrub it off with one part vinegar/one part water on a kitchen scrubbing pad.

  • Grout haze generally comes off after everything dries with a dry towel. If you keep wetting the grout haze, you are just spreading it around. Wait until the haze and the grout is completely dry and buff with a dry towel. If it is thicker than just a haze, there will be more elbow grease involved.

  • There is always some haze on tile even if you keep cleaning it as the grout dries. For haze that perhaps is a bit more heavy and will not come off with a simple towel, you can purchase a haze remover which can be purchased at most if not all home centers and tile stores. Here is a link for one such product.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 13, 2012
    I use a dry towel the next day...if haze persists. I'll clean with clean water then repeat the next day with dry towel. In extreme cases (like natural slate) a haze remover can be used. So far I have never needed this on any type of glazed or polished stone.

  • Terry S Terry S on Jun 13, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.this haze has been there for some time (couple of weeks)havent been able to get it off. it is urethane grout on porcelain tile. was told to use krud kutter with a doodle bug scrubber. i was hoping maybe someone has dealt with this when i have done tile i do exactly what you guys do but this is not working on this particular product.thanks for the help, much appreciated.

  • Try this link. Its tough stuff your trying to remove. And its going to take some time. Urethane grouts are much more difficult to remove then normal Portland types.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 14, 2012
    What was the saying in the Karate Kid movie....Wax on...Wax off.... Urethane grouts are bugger...lots of elbow grease and the krud cutter....I've used a scotch brite pad for some serious scrubbing.

  • Terry S Terry S on Jun 14, 2012
    woodebridge it worked with alot of elbow grease, krud kutter and the (kms)scotchbrite pad for serious scrubbing. what a job!!!!thanks everyone for the help. hoping the customer is happy when he returns home tonite.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 15, 2012
    glad to hear a lesson for future work....regular grout is much more friendly...a little more work in the care dept...but way less work up front.

  • Jennifer R Jennifer R on Jun 15, 2012
    No amount of scrubbing helped the haze on my tile. I looked on the cleaning forum through Gardenweb and found a product called Rejuvenate to use.It took the haze off and left a nice shine. It isn't a wax, but a cleaner. I thought it was pricy, but I sure liked the end result. I got it at Home Depot.

  • I am sorry but this needs to be done when the tile was installed. My experience anyways.

  • Terry S Terry S on Jun 18, 2012
    customer was thrilled. sent rave reviews to flooring store i work for, so that is always nice. . some were scratched from the installer (not me)trying to remove the haze with a razor blade.cant be fixed with any amount of krud kutter.