Home remedies for Dog Urine stains in Carpet

We bought our "forever" home in Feb. and it had pet urine stains in the 2 rooms with carpet. They cleaned up from professional cleaning but now after walking on the carpet, they have come back. I need help with this!!
q home remedies for dog urine stains in carpet
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  • Inetia Inetia on Oct 07, 2017
    I would sprinkle baking soda on them, work it into the nap and then spray enough vinegar on it to get it foaming deep in the nap. This would be my pre-treatment before shampooing.

  • Pam Beck Pam Beck on Oct 07, 2017
    The reason this happens is because the stain is in the pad and comes through even after a good cleaning. I would try Odoban! Soak the area well, scrub into pad, blot up as much as you can, place tin foil, towels and then a pile of books and leave overnight. Odoban is at Lowes or Home Depot.

  • Marty Phelps Marty Phelps on Oct 07, 2017
    Whatever cleaning remedy you use just be sure to rinse, rinse and rinse after cleaning the area. I have found that it is the cleansing agent residue that
    continue s to adhere to stains. Pams suggestion sounds like a good one. I would just b sure to blot...not rub..

  • Karen Krysowaty Karen Krysowaty on Oct 07, 2017
    The stain is in the pad and you will need to raise it all to the surface. Odoban is good and you need to place Paper towels or towels and place tin foil on top and then weight it down. Let sit up overnight, and repeat if it doesn't clear.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 07, 2017
    If you do use some kind of cleaner, spritz the area with vinegar water to help break sown the residual cleaner that is left after the cleaning. Once you are all done spritz again to get it down into the pad to destroy any bacteria that is left. Let it dry and hopefully the stain will stay away and there should be no odor.

  • Shari Veater Shari Veater on Oct 07, 2017

  • Jill Panicco Jill Panicco on Oct 09, 2017
    Yes VINEGAR and BICARBONATE OF SODA. (Baking soda). It's all we use for everything in our home. the cheapest and most effective for anything and everything. Even got mulberry stains on the carpet removed with V &B love it ❤️

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Oct 09, 2017
    Jeeze !! RIP THAT Sh-t OUT !!! SOOO GROSSSSSSS !!! Who wants someone s animal pee in your house? Sorry...that is really gross..no amount of cleaning will get rid of pet stains soaked into a rug. YUCK !! There are SO many gorgeous wood look tiles etc. Get rid of that carpet !!

  • Momentumjanitorial Momentumjanitorial on Nov 29, 2017
    There are many DIY tips you can use to remove it, but the best and more easy tips are here:
    First, you just need to Soak up the urine stain using paper towels or a cotton cloth.
    Second, use of white vinegar and water as a solution (50% vinegar, 50% water).
    Third, Pour the solution onto the urine stain.
    And at last, Blot the urine stain using a paper towel, pressing firmly into it.
    If the above tips would not function fully then stop and don't do much research on that, since it cost so much money. Just hire carpet cleaning service provider near you. Thanks!