Asked on Oct 10, 2016

How do I remove a large acid stain on my ceramic tiles ?

by Ion7142773
It is rough and gets filled up with dirt makes my bathroom look very dirty
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 10, 2016
    What are you currently using to clean?
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Oct 10, 2016
    Muratic acid should do the job. But you should then find a sealer to help prevent it recurring.
  • William William on Oct 10, 2016
    If it s acid, the finish or glaze is more than likely etched rather than a stain. There isn t much you can do other than replacing the tiles ***** There are two ways to deal with acid stains depending upon their intensity and how old they are. Method One (Using Baking Soda) Baking Soda is an effective absorbing agent and therefore it can go a long way in helping you to get rid of any acid stains from tiles.If the stain happens to be fresh, take a liberal amount of baking soda and sprinkle it all over the stain. On the other hand, if the stain happens to be old, then instead of sprinkling baking soda onto the stain, you can opt for a baking soda paste.To make this paste mix some baking soda powder with water and make sure that the consistency of this paste remains thick.Spread this paste onto the stain carefully so that it is satisfactorily covered.Let this paste sit on the acid stain for a while and afterwards wipe it off the surface with the help of a clean cloth. However, if the stain persists and refuses to come off despite this baking soda treatment, then take a little amount of 10% ammonia and use it on stained area. Since ammonia is also a base therefore it would react with the acid stain and consequently neutralize it.Eventually, rinse the previously stained area with clean water and wipe it dry. ***** Method Two (Using Phosphoric Acid Masonry Cleaner) The following method is pretty simple, yet effective and can particularly help you in getting rid of muriatic acid stains from your tiles. First of all, you need to get hold of a phosphoric acid masonry cleaner. Then take a soft-bristled brush, dip it into this cleaner and using this brush apply the said cleaner onto the acidic stain. Let the cleaner sit onto the stain for 10 to 15 seconds at the least and not more than one minute at the most. When you feel like the stain has started to disappear, wipe it off using a clean cloth or sponge. If the stain persists, then this step can also be repeated. Once you are done with this step and the stain has started to visibly fade away, mix 1 cup of ammonia in 1 gallon of water. Then, take a clean sponge, soak it in this ammonia mixture and use this sponge to thoroughly clean away any traces of the acid along with the cleaning agent. Finally, rinse with clean water. ***** Tips and Warnings: ***** Always wear protective gloves before embarking upon the removal of acid stains. Before applying any base (either baking soda or ammonia) onto the acidic stain, DO NOT moisten the area with water, as water can again activate the acid. Do not panic if baking soda begins to bubble. This is only a consequence of the neutralization reaction taking place between acid and base. *****
  • Mindi Mindi on Nov 06, 2016
    Scrub it clean and then to replace the finish, use a silicone based car wax, its made to fill in scratches and will last for several months. I use this on my 50 year old bath tub because the scratches fill with dirt and it looks awful.