How to clean a cloudy fish tank?

by Grma

Any tips on how to clean a fish tank? It has a cloudy film inside that makes it look dirty. How do I stop this from happening?

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  • Pamela S Alexander Pamela S Alexander on Nov 27, 2017

    Empty the fish tank and then make a paste of baking soda and vinegar- rub the hard water stains until they are gone, rinse well, and then clean again with white vinegar sprayed on and wiped off with paper towels. Rinse again and the glass should be clean and free of hard water stains.

  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Apr 25, 2018

    Hello! A safe recipe would be to mix a half cup of white vinegar to a half gallon of water. This makes a weak acid to help dissolve any stubborn organics. A razor can also help with the really stubborn calcium deposits. Good luck!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 25, 2018

    I have cleaned a million aquariums over the years. If it is to be used as an aquarium again, vinegar helps get rid of the white calcium deposits. You can really use anything you want as long as it is rinsed real well and be careful with the razor blades so that you don't cut the aquarium silicone. That is all that holds the panes of glass together, along with the top and bottom edging. Aquariums make great terrariums. I am using an old glass critter cage for one right now.

  • Pat Pat on Aug 12, 2019

    There is a type of tropical fish that sucks the alga off the side of the tank....don't know what it is called...looks like a small cat fish...sort of ugly. My son't always had one or two in their fish tank and didn't have the film. Their aquarium was not a large one, just the normal size. Check at a pet store and maybe there are some drops you can add to the water.

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Aug 12, 2019

    Hi John, Pat is right and it is called an algae eater. all the places that sell fish usually carry them.

  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Aug 12, 2019

    Get a snail!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Aug 12, 2019

    A pet store can advise you on what kimd of fish to buy that willl go all over your aquarium and clean it up. They will also clean the stones on the bottom.

  • Jill Ron Pike Jill Ron Pike on Oct 18, 2018

    If you're cleaning an empty tank, use a cup of Vinegar and a couple drops of blue Dawn. Put in a spray bottle. Spray it on and let it stand a few minutes.use a scrubbing pad made for non-stick pans.

  • Bren Did Bren Did on Sep 28, 2018

    DIp paper towels or rags in white vinegar and lay on the stains. They will stick to the side of the tank. Let soak for a few hours. WIpe clean. You may have to repeat if the hardwater build up if very bad. The key is keeping the vinegar wet on the stains.