Asked on Aug 06, 2016

How can I restore the shine to my bathtub?

I have a 50 year old bathtub. It is in very good condition however I have not been able to get that glossy shine back like it is on the outside of the tub. The finish is dull. Is there anything that will restore the shine back to the inside of the cast iron tub?
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  • Jon6137969 Jon6137969 on Aug 07, 2016
    You can have a professional put an epoxy finish on the tub . I have seen it done, a 1day job. It comes out beautifully and is to my suprise very very durable.
    • Johnchip Johnchip on Aug 07, 2016
      I agree on an epoxy, I would have it professionally done, not DIY.
  • M. How M. How on Aug 07, 2016
    Kenneth: Have you tried Zap? Hardware and home repair stores carry it and it's only a few dollars. It's supposed to restore tile and porcelain. Couldn't hurt to try it. I'm going to try it on my tub and 1950s tile floor in my rented apartment. Then if you don't like the results you can use Jonstockmal's idea and have a professional expoxy done. The finish does look very nice and is durable -- my parents did it in their 1950s home in the 70s and it still looks beautiful. The process is fairly expensive but more economical than replacing your tub. Just don't use harsh cleansers on it and the epoxy will last for years.
  • Rita Rita on Aug 07, 2016
    We had a moldy shower refinished and its no longer moldy it looks great, the guy even put a non slip floor in too. We also have a bath that was done maybe twenty years ago, i guess that was about the time they started do this kind of thing and it still looks good.
  • Linda Linda on Aug 07, 2016
    You can try Gel Gloss. After cleaning and drying your tub, Gel Gloss gets applied like car wax. After you buff off the dried Gel Gloss, the surface repels water, and soap (for a period of time). It gives it a nice, clean shine too.
  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Aug 07, 2016
    I had my tub refinished professionally, worth every penny.
  • Lisa Lisa on Aug 07, 2016
    Try Oven Cleaner! It worked on my 70 year old tub!!
  • Diana Larson Boward Diana Larson Boward on Aug 07, 2016
    Like Marlene I had my tub professionally refinished and am very happy with it.
  • Lyn2398900 Lyn2398900 on Aug 07, 2016
    Like the others, I had mine refinished. Just follow the instructions on the care of it and it will last for years....that's if you can afford it. Worth it tho!
  • Samuel Samuel on Aug 08, 2016
    Re-Nu Tile and Grout Gabriel Tavarez 432-262-3732
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    • Samuel Samuel on Aug 08, 2016
      Yes, M'am he does, he did my tub this past April . I just completed a bathroom remodel.
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  • D'Sapone D'Sapone on Sep 23, 2016
    We will clean your bathtub with a deep penetrating cleaner and then we would use a clear resin topical solvent sealer, soaking deep into the surface to prevent it from absorbing liquids while adding a refined elegance.