How do you take care of smelly sneakers?

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  • Nan W. Nan W. on Feb 04, 2019

    Stella: I put a few pieces of charcoal into an old sock -- and jam them in the shoes. (I also do with with our winter boots, hiking boots, and ski boots!)

  • Judy Judy on Feb 04, 2019

    Stella an easy solution is to stuff with news paper. Yup plain news paper. If that doesn’t work use baking soda in a sock and leave it. Both methods absorb moisture.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Feb 04, 2019

    They can be thrown into the washing machine to freshen them up. You can also try sprinkling baby powder inside. The other thing to try is a fabric softener sheet.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Feb 04, 2019

    Sneakers can indeed be washed in the washing machine as a Delicate. When you do this regulary, foot odor is not a problem. You add Fabric Softener additional solely for the fragrance and the Cloth Insoles will always smell fresh as a Baby's Behind.

  • Oliva Oliva on Feb 04, 2019

    Keep activated charcoal and baking soda in the closet. Odor Eater foot powder will eliminate odors. Sneakers should be rotated with a second pair, to provide time for "airing out".

  • Jean Roberts Jean Roberts on Feb 05, 2019

    I have read that by putting shoes in plastic bag ,one pre bag is best. Tie a knot ,put them in freezer over night. After getting room temperature smell and its fresh again.

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Feb 05, 2019

    I have tried a couple different ways that both work well, and with both I use knee highs or stockings. The first is kitty litter; not the clay kind, but the silica gel kind. Stretch the stocking open with one hand, and with a small scoop or serving size spoon, scoop in the silica. Tie a knot at the end of that section, and scoop another spoonful in. I have done it with up to 5 knotted sections, but learned that 3 knotted sections work just fine in most (mens') shoe sizes about 8 - 12.

    The other is bar soap; I pick up a few bars at the dollar store, or take whatever slivers remain from a used bar - put them in a pair of knee highs, knot the end and leave them in my shoes.

    I have these little gems in all of my shoes, so whenever I change shoes, I take the odor fighting knotted balls out of the shoes I'm going to wear, and leave them in my snuggly fuzzy boots.