How to clean a burned pot?

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Mar 15, 2019

    I use baking soda amd water to soak the inside overnight and then scrub out the pot, if needed i make a paste of baking soda.

    For the outside, ii make a thick paste of bs and water and let it set overnight, scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge if necessary, repeat if really burned badly.

  • Deb Polson Deb Polson on Mar 15, 2019

    I put the pot on the stove on low, then add vinegar and a drop or two of Dawn. Let it cook. It smells awful. After a few minutes, I use a nylon or silicone spatula to help lift the burn. It takes time but it works. I tried the Dawn, water and dryer sheet - complete fail. Went back to my vinegar standby

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Mar 15, 2019

    Hi Mary,

    There are a couple of ways that have worked for me. If it's inside the pot, I put some Dawn with some water in it then heat it on the range. I try to get it to just boiling then turn it off. If it boils too long, it will overflow with suds. Another way is to cover it with a baking soda and water paste. Let it sit overnight so that it has time to work. Clean it the next day and the burned part should come off. Wishing you the best.

  • Carolyn Bowman Carolyn Bowman on Mar 16, 2019

    I do not recommend this for non-stick pots or pans. This is especially good for cleaning the outside or bottoms of your pots and pans too. You can use vinegar or lemon juice, baking soda, course salt and water. First soak the inside of pan with warm, soapy water for a few hours or overnight to soften hardened food particles. Use a soft plastic food scraper or dish scrub pad to get as much of the loose particles off interior of pan. (Don't use brillo pads with soap). Dump and rinse. Next, pour about a 1/4 cup lemon juice or vinegar (you can use ACV too) in bottom of pan, and a 1/4 cup baking soda and see the reaction. Let sit a few minutes. Scrub out pot or pan with a dish scouring pad to finish the job. I have had to make a paste with baking soda and fine salt after this step a few times - it just depends on what burned.

  • Sam Sam on Mar 16, 2019

    throw it in the freezer over night. the metal will contract.

    in the morning, scrape out what is loose, then used baking soda and vinegar paste

    to wash out the rest using a scrubbie of some sort

  • Cindy Cindy on Mar 16, 2019

    SOS pad.

  • Linda Linda on Mar 16, 2019

    A couple of teaspoons cream of tarter, mix with water just to cover the bottom of burnt area, bring to a boil, let set over night, burnt on stuff will come off pretty easy with a scouring pad.