Hair spray on towel rack

Janet chambers
by Janet chambers
I sit at my vanity in the bathroom, and use hair spray on my hair. Not thinking about it, there is a towel rack right behind me. There is a build-up of hair spray on my silver towel rack. How can I get it off without scratching the metal?
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  • Jeanie Jeanie on Jul 02, 2015
    I just clean mine with the clorox wipes 2 times a week. Hasn't hurt it. Mine is in the same place as yours is. I get it pretty built up at times. So I started 2 times a week. Also the floor, I use a steam mop on it and the woodwork.
  • Renee Confere Renee Confere on Jul 02, 2015
    I use hot soapy water on my wood racks , I also use AWESOME from the dollar store
  • Tonia Tonia on Jul 02, 2015
    You could try baking soda and water paste. It cleans well and is a safe mild abrasive.
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 02, 2015
    Rubbing alcohol works wonders for hair spray.
  • SheilaB SheilaB on Jul 02, 2015
    Hmmm, I might try white vinegar...and it will also leave it shiny too!
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Jul 02, 2015
    Okay, thanks ladies! I'll try your suggestions.
  • Minnie Kay Stirr Watson Minnie Kay Stirr Watson on Jul 02, 2015
    I keep baby wipes in the bathroom specifically for hairspray. Hairspray mixed with dust on the vanity becomes like concrete. Baby wipes do the trick! Works on my nickel finished fixtures and towel rings and racks.