How to get built up dirt from floor corners?

House has lots of dirt embedded in all floor corners throughout the entire house.

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  • Vinegar is typically my "go to" but can be damaging to some surfaces, so I would test first. Murphy's Oil Soap on any wood surfaces.

  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 27, 2017
    tooth brush....label it for cleaning only. Denture brushes work as well.

  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 27, 2017
    Use a cheap paint brunch and remove as much dirt as possible. Fill spray bottle with water lay towels down and spray until dirt is gone. Usr same paint brush to get excess water out. Works like a charm!

    • Bijous Bijous on Nov 27, 2017
      That's brush, though you should have brunch when you are finished...

  • Jodi strasburg Jodi strasburg on Nov 27, 2017
    that goes from years of not cleaning corners. Do you use a long foam mop? Use liquid cleaner with an old battery operated tooth brush. And start using a mop that can get in corners.

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 27, 2017
    If you have a carpet cleaner, I would first brush it to loosen dirt, vacuum and then use the upholstry tool on my carpet cleaner.

  • CasualHomeStyle CasualHomeStyle on Nov 27, 2017
    Shout · Spray
    Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover Trigger's stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes quickly penetrate, break up and remove tough stains. NOT JUST FOR CLOTHES

    Spray in corners, let sit a minute or two, take a toothbrush and scrub away dirt.

  • Judy Sherley Fodor Judy Sherley Fodor on Nov 27, 2017
    I use a flat knife and on hands and knees scrap it out then sweep up