Skunk spray removal under home

I'm looking for ideas on how to get rid of the skunk oil smell that is between our moisture barrier and floor boards. We don't want to have to remove and install new moisture barrier/insulation if we don't have to. We have used Scenturion spray inside on carpets and all cloth and floors and clothes washed in vinegar, sprayed the chemicals up under the house and into moisture barrier that we were able to get the spray into but the smell keeps creeping back in. The smell has even gotten into our car and at my work from my purse (leather) soaked up the smell and where ever I sat it down it laid a scent down. The smell even got inside closed dresser drawers. Help... this stinks!
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  • Check this PDF link out. I think this will answer your questions on how to remove the odor. Similar

    • Yvonne B Yvonne B on Feb 09, 2015
      @Woodbridge Environmental , Thank you. We have followed these basic guidelines at trying to remove the odor yet it has only been less than one week since the skunk had sprayed. Removing the product sprayed is not an option at this point. We are airing the underneath of the trailer with large heavy duty fan that is running 24-7 and a fan in house to move air during day and windows open in day when possible. But it rained this morning and the smell smelt as if the skunk had come back and sprayed all over again. After a minor breakdown of spirit I sprayed all around the home again and opened windows while weather permitted but the skunk smell is still burning my nose and eyes. We still have not seen or found the skunk. Lets just hope it has gone on it's way and never returns.

  • Another method to try, although some claim it does not work is Ozone There are people can provide this service. If the critter was under the plastic vapor barrier, you may need to ventilate under it. There are air drying fans used for carpet drying. You can rent these units at your local big box store. Simply lift up an edge of the plastic vapor barrier and use the fans to force the air under and out. If the soils are saturated with the skunk spray, even though you remove the odor, every time its damp out or the soil gets wet, the odor will return. You may find eventually you will need to remove some of the offending soils to rid yourself of the smell. Have you looked into your insurance policy? There might be some sort of coverage because of he damage it caused. Does not hurt to ask. Sorry I cannot be more help.

  • Mary Louise Moss Snider Mary Louise Moss Snider on Feb 12, 2015
    Amway LOC Works like a charm!

  • Yvonne B Yvonne B on Feb 12, 2015
    Insurance says if the home is not "damaged" that this does not fall under coverage. They say just because your house, you and everything that is in the house or that you touch when you leave the house stinks of Skunk, it is not damaged. Go figure! If "they" were having to live in this I bet they would find it to be under the coverage. It seemed to have crawled into the vapor barrier, in the insulation under the flooring. It sprayed something else under there it was fighting with. We have a BIG fan under the house running when it is warm enough to run it, but can't run it on freezing nights as the pipes would be more likely to freeze if we did so. When it rained, even though under the trailer did not get very wet at all, the smell came back just like it had gone under there and had done it again, which it didn't, it was just the dampness brought the smell back alive. Boy if this does not clear by spring and summer we will be some stinky neighbors.

  • I would seek legal council on this. The house is inhabitable because of the smell, it does not have to be physically damaged. Do not rely on what the insurance adjuster tells you. Its his or her job to turn down this stuff. You can also seek the advice of a public adjuster on this as well. They often can get coverage on some pretty strange things. Does not hurt to look into it.