Asked on Jul 29, 2012

I have a black granite composite sink and there is a white film all over it that I cannot get off.??

by Stephanie
It looks like I've used Comet or Ajax on it and there are remnant of it on the sink. Any ideas on how to clean this off?
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  • This white film is most likely water hardness film. I would fill the sink with hot water and put in a cup or two of Glass Magic dish washing additive. This chemical can dissolve the hard water stains in short order. Vinegar may also work as well. If you have hard water you may want to consider a water softener for the house. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaning pads on the surface. This leaves micro scratches on the surface which will trap even more of the water hardness byproducts. Making it more difficult to keep clean. Once you have removed this film from the sink, you may want to consider having the sink professionally re-polished by a granite company to make it smooth and shiny once again. You should also consider sealing the granite top and sink as well. As the sink and top go through many cleanings the top begins to loose some of the prior sealing that was done once it was installed or polished at the factory. Any good tile store or counter supplier can provide you with the necessary sealers in which to use for the granite top you have.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Aug 09, 2012
    Try denatured quickly because it evaporates quickly. Use a soft cloth and rub in circles. I would also contact the manufactor and check. Denatured alcohol is great for many stains on granite. But still you need to check to make sure this is what they reccommend.
  • Carolyn Calvert Carolyn Calvert on Apr 21, 2013
    I have used white vinegar on my black granite sink and it does work.. I pour a small amount on a scratch free sponge and wipe the whole sink with it. The smell isn't so good but the sink is black again.
    • Michele Michele on Jan 28, 2017

      how much do you you use, Do you put it on straight or didyou mix it with water

  • Carmie Carmie on May 30, 2015
    Like Carolyn I use vinegar on my sink. It takes the white off and it really looks nice.
  • Rose Rose on Aug 23, 2015
    Use windex.
  • Artygirl Artygirl on Sep 23, 2015
    I recently updated kitchen and replaced our previous black composite sink with new one (Franke Brand.) I never had a haze issue prior, but did notice a haze on this new one. The installers said to remove the haze with rubbing alcohol. At first, it just seemed to lighten/spread it using a clean cloth. So I used tried again, followed with a Mr. Clean sponge (my only tool for previous sink which works GREAT) and a fast rinse with hot water and it worked! No more haze.
  • Terry Terry on Jan 21, 2016
    I sprayed my sink with WD-40 and wiped the sink with paper towel until all the excess was gone. It looked like new & the spray repelled water and stains. I do this at least once a month or so when the white haze reappears.
  • Sue Sue on Apr 24, 2016
    My painter washed his brushes out in my black composite sink. It has left a while film on it. How do I clean in off
  • Artygirl Artygirl on Apr 24, 2016
    I rinse my paint brushes all the time in my sink and follow with a "mr. Clean" white sponge. (Not one with soap - the original style) Works great! Gets dirt off I didn't even see. I use it all the time so I know my sink is clean.
  • Mary Mary on Jun 20, 2016
    Spray it with pam
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Jun 21, 2016
    Several things you can use. I am sending you the link to cleaning granite. It might be time to re seal it after you get it clean. We have a cleaning business we use these guide lines for stone. This way we won't damage a expensive surface. Also call your manufactor. I don't know have for a warrenty but you don't want to void it.
  • Lawnlake Lawnlake on Jan 29, 2018

    I also have a black composite sink that gets a white haze. Every couple of weeks I buff with a light coat of Vaseline and it makes it look new again!

  • Consuelo Barnhart Consuelo Barnhart on Nov 04, 2018

    Clean with non abrasive sponge with a few drops of dish soap, rinse it off. Dry the sink with a microfiber towel. Then add a few drops of mineral oil to a cloth and put on the sink. Let dry some and buff it out with a clean cloth.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 28, 2023

    Try Vinegar or WD-40!